Taste Atlas lists “Butsi” Filipino dessert among world’s most popular snacks

butsi dessert
“Butsi” dessert snacks are crispy outside and chewy inside and stuffed with a variety of sweet fillings. Credits to Taste Atlas.

Taste Atlas has listed the Filipino snack “Butsi” balls as one of the most popular snacks in the world.

The online food encyclopedia, which had previously highlighted Filipino dishes Crispy pata, Lechon, and Kare Kare as among the world’s best cuisine, and the Adobo as the closest thing to the Filipino national dish, gave the spotlight this time to the Filipino snack.

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Taste Atlas recommended the snack from the Philippines as one of the best snacks to try in 8 Philippine restaurants:

  1. Xin Tian Di, Quezon City
  2. XO Kitchen, Makati
  3. Lotus Court, Davao City
  4. Pink Panda, Makati
  5. Wai Ying, Manila
  6. Heng Kee Dimsum, Davao City
  7. Hai Shin Lou, Makati
  8. Caitlyn’s Dumpling Bar, Davao City

Taste Atlas describes Butsi balls: “the Filipino version of traditional Chinese jian dui sweets made with glutinous rice flour that is formed in small round shapes and stuffed with a variety of sweet fillings such as sweetened mung bean, creamy lotus, red bean paste, or shredded coconut.

Butsi are usually coated in sesame seeds and fried until golden. Even though they originated as a traditional Chinese delicacy, their Filipino adaptation has become incredibly popular. With their crispy shell, chewy texture, and creamy filling, they can be enjoyed as a satisfying dessert or a quick sweet snack.”

Tell us in the comments below your own favorite “butsi,” one of the world’s best snacks!

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