TOFA 2023: Meet the 15 Trailblazing Honorees and 6 Global Leaders You Need to Know About

TOFA 2023 Trailblazing Honorees
Trailblazing honorees and global leaders such as Leni Robredo and Jessica Soho take center stage, epitomizing the essence of Filipino excellence and inspiration. TOFA 2023 photos.

The Outstanding Filipino Awards (TOFA), a prestigious event that annually celebrates exceptional Filipinos across a range of fields, has released its list of 15 trailblazing honorees and 6 global leaders for this year’s October gala. These individuals, selected through nationwide nominations, will take the stage at Zipper Hall in Los Angeles to receive their well-deserved accolades.

What is TOFA?

The Outstanding Filipino Awards is the new meaning of TOFA, adopted last year from the previous The Outstanding Filipinos in America to reflect the inclusion of the global category.

TOFA is designed to recognize and honor Filipinos who have made significant impacts in various sectors. These trailblazers serve as beacons of inspiration and progress, covering areas from education and healthcare to media and entrepreneurship.

The TOFA 2023 15 Trailblazing Honorees, accomplished individuals:

  1. Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez: Esteemed for her work in Education, is the first Filipina and 7th president of Utah Valley University.
  2. Dr. Tess Mauricio: A renowned figure in Beauty and Wellness.
  3. Ging Reyes: Known for her integrity in Media.
  4. Ted Castro: Celebrated as a Sports figure for his contributions to chess.
  5. Mariel Fletcher: Active in Public Service & Politics, fighting anti-Asian hate.
  6. Dr. Annabelle Manalo-Morgan: Recognized for Courage of Conviction in cellular biology.
  7. Dr. Homer Tuazon: Lauded in Healthcare.
  8. Jason Lustina: Known for his influence in Arts & Culture.
  9. Reynosa Rada Espadero: Distinguished in Senior Welfare.
  10. Marie Cunning: Celebrated for Community Service.
  11. Ma. Victoria Mejia: A trendsetter in Fashion & Style.
  12. Dr. Gigi Manzanilla: Advocating Women Empowerment.
  13. Giovanni Duaqui: Recognized for his work in Research & Technology.
  14. Romer Gutierrez Jazo: A stalwart in Business & Entrepreneurship.
  15. Kenneth Mejia: Honored for his role in Youth development.

“Every year brings new inspiration as TOFA names more awardees,” said Elton Lugay, founder and executive producer of TOFA. “We are grateful to all who participate in this virtuous cycle by helping us discover the unsung heroes of our time.”

The TOFA 2023 6 Global Filipino Leaders:

  1. Jessica Soho: Celebrated journalist from the Philippines.
  2. Leni Robredo: The 14th Vice President of the Philippines.
  3. May Parsons: Filipina nurse in Britain’s National Health Service.
  4. Producers of Here Lies Love: A Broadway hit musical.
  5. R’Bonney Gabriel: Former Miss Universe.
  6. Alexander Gesmundo: The 27th Chief Justice of the Philippines.

Elton Lugay, founder and executive producer of TOFA Awards, stated, “It is our honor to recognize these trailblazers with a global award. In these challenging times, they shine as beacons to many who need inspiration.”

Co-presented by the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) and co-produced by Starlink Promotions, the 13th annual TOFA gala is slated to be a memorable evening shining a light on Filipino excellence.

Previous TOFA recipients include Broadway royalty Lea Salonga, boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, and OPM icon Martin Nievera.

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