View from space makes Japanese astronaut exclaim, “Beautiful Philippine islands!”

  Soichi Noguchi Beautiful Philippine islands
Most of the Philippines’ 7,641 islands were captured in this photo taken from the International Space Station. Twitter post of Soichi Noguchi.

A view from the International Space Station (ISS) made Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi declare, “Beautiful #Philippines islands!”

The stunning view from above the archipelago of 7,641 islands in South East Asia was captured in a photograph posted by Soichi on Twitter on April 7, 2021.

The photograph reveals quite a clear picture of the Philippines amidst the blue seas.

The picture shot from a distance in space presents the Philippines seemingly at peace and far removed from its troubles, providing a different perspective.

Netizens heaped praises on the post, thanking the astronaut and declaring love for the Filipino nation.

StaticFireGal @GalStatic tweeted: “I just realized how beautiful my country is from space! Thanks for taking a snapshot”

Steele Sheen @steelsheen: “thank yo so much for snapping a pic of our beloved Motherland Astro SoichiStar-struckSmiling face with 3 hearts. may she forever remain a bastion of freedom and democracy Flag of Philippines”

Still, others raised matters of the Philippines’ territorial disputes and leadership issues.

jonathan natividad @jsn122574 said: “TY for this beautiful pics of our beloved country. This is the nation we truly love and fought for hundreds of years and tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating our HEROES who offered their lives to earn that FREEDOM which I hardly see right now from our leaders. GOD bless the RP”

The Philippines has also embarked on a space journey with the launch of its own microsatellites, Diwata and Maya. The Maya 2 cube satellite started its space mission in March 2021 after being deployed to the ISS and then to orbit.

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