Watching UP Fight, praying UP Wins!

Watch UP Fight
Fans of the UP Fighting Maroons come in droves, in battle mode, to the UAAP games. PHOTO of the crowd singing UP Naming Mahal courtesy of Dennis Gorecho.

Okay, so my mom said “HEY LETS GO TO THE UP GAMES!!” and I agreed not knowing what I just agreed to and we actually went there. It was fun and exciting! I was with my parents and a gym full of people. Lots of us were wearing maroon and red… And it was cool!!

I remember the screaming of many people. Every point is worth screaming about. The chanting, the singing. I also got to experience my ears die because of the speaker being extremely loud! I got used to it after a while.

Well, I did start cheering at some point. It was so exciting and stressing to the point I started praying for UP to win!

The 9-year-old author in UP Fight mode with a raised clenched fist at the UAAP games.

It’s awesome how UP won! We got to experience it for real!

UP Naming Mahal played after the games. I tried to sing it, too, with my mom. I think the anthem is cool!

I remember my mama telling me how UP fans are so supportive at every UP Fighting Maroons game, win or lose. She said that they’re happy that UP had a fun time winning and so did they! And that UP people aren’t sad after losing a game because the UP Men’s Basketball Team is now playing so well after 32 years! (She says she was studying at the University of the Philippines Diliman the last time the Maroons won the championship in 1986!)

Author prepares for the UP Fight game with her mom’s friends from UP. Credits to Dennis Gorecho.

I remember Mama watching the games on TV at home and screaming “UP FIGHT!”, “DEFENSE!”, “SHOOT THAT BALL!” and “GET THAT BALL!” as if she was actually there live at the games. Her wish came true though lol. Dada also teased mama a lot.

After watching a live UP game, now I see why mama loves to watch the UP Fight games of Kobe Paras, Ricci Rivero, and the whole UP Fighting Maroons Men’s Basketball Team.

I think she actually loves UP games as much as she does her Korean dramas!

(Editor’s Notes: This article was written by Good News Pilipinas advocate 9-year-old Agnes Hannah after watching the UP Fighting Maroons Men’s Basketball Team game for the first time live at the MOA Arena on October 12, 2019, when UP won against UE.)

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Agnes Hannah Q. Balibay is a Filipino Pride young advocate who really, really loves computers, digital art, and making friends from around the world.