12 heroic Overseas Filipinos honored in Global Pinoy Idol New Zealand

Heroic overseas Filipinos
The Global Pinoy Idol New Zealand is the first recognition for Asia-Pacific honorees after awarding overseas Filipinos in Dubai, London, and Madrid.
Credits to ABSCBN.

Twelve overseas Filipinos in the Asia-Pacific region were honored as heroes at the 2019 Global Pinoy Idol New Zealand organized by ABS-CBN Network.

The 12 inspiring Filipinos were recognized for uplifting the Filipino community with acts of kindness which includes assisting newly-arrived Filipinos, job referrals, mentoring students, and addressing rights and welfare concerns.

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Each honoree received a Global Pinoy Idol medal and a certificate of recognition from ABS-CBN organizers DZMM radio and The Filipino Channel.

This is the first time for the Global Pinoy Idol to award Asia-Pacific honorees. The awards event first recognized overseas Filipinos from Dubai and London in 2018, and this March from Madrid.

The 12 overseas Filipinos honored in Auckland were:

  1. Kristine Bartley, New Zealand, for mentoring fellow Filipinos in the food industry through her vegan café, the “Sweet Release”
  2. Geline Bauit Owczarek, New Zealand, for helping small coffee farmers in the Philippines in exporting their products to New Zealand
  3. Brent Bautista, New Zealand, for tutoring Filipino youth and writing articles for Filipino publication, Kabayan Magazine, where he encourages fellow Filipino youth to embrace their Filipino roots
  4. Cesar Cozo Jr., New Zealand, for referring Filipinos to available jobs in New Zealand
  5. Dennis Maga, New Zealand, for advocating fair rights for new migrant Filipino workers through Migrante International
  6. Dennis Magcalas, New Zealand, for setting up the Facebook page “Buhay Estudyante sa New Zealand” where he extends help to Filipino students
  7. Alan Raga, New Zealand, for featuring the Filipino’s known trait of bayanihan or communal unity in his photography
  8. Dewy Sacayan, New Zealand, for being a climate activist and mentoring Filipino students and encouraging them to embrace their passionJenavilla Bibal Shigemizu, Japan, for her involvement in various welfare organizations in Japan and the Philippines
  9. Mark Hermoso, Singapore, for organizing photoshoots with a cause with proceeds used to provide assistance to his fellow overseas Filipinos
  10. Tess Manalang, Australia, for organizing “Love in Action”, a group that assists newly-arrived Filipinos in Australia
  11. Rodney Queman, South Korea, for setting up a Facebook page with information like new laws and job opportunities for fellow Filipinos

The “Global Pinoy Idol New Zealand” ceremonies were held on August 10 at the Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall in New Zealand.

New Zealand Kiwi-Noys have been receiving more attention through the efforts of the community such as the election of the first Kiwi-Noy Member of Parliament Paulo Garcia, Leand Macadaan as the new face of NZ Police, young Kiwi-Noy entrepreneur Slime Princess, and the iChannel2020 and multimedia initiatives of Rene Molina.

Overseas Filipinos have received tributes as model Filipinos, modern-day heroes, and praised in global campaigns.

SEND congratulations in the comments below to the awardees and the organizers of Global Pinoy Idol for recognizing overseas Filipinos as heroes!

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