Modern-day Filipinos honored as ‘Heroes for Better’

Twenty five modern day Filipino heroes from around the world were honored in the “Heroes for Better,” a Global Tribute and Advocacy campaign of Western Union to celebrate the ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things.

Modern day Filipino heroes

Locally-based and overseas Filipinos were recognized by “Heroes for Better” for giving their time, personal resources, skill or expertise to create positive change in their own unique ways.

Among the first “Heroes for Better” featured in the campaign is the “Barefoot Bandito” Eddie Vega, Edmond Corpuz the “Pencil Crusader,” and Adelaida Saito, the “Neighbourhood’s Champion.”

Eddie Vega a.k.a. the “Barefoot Bandito,” the Guinness World Record holder for the Most Barefoot Marathons was cited for his barefoot runs to raise awareness and buy shoes for poor children in the Philippines.

Edmond Corpuz the “Pencil Crusader,” was recognized for being one of the founders of the “Black Pencil Project” that provides pencils and other school supplies to underprivileged Filipino children in remote areas of the country.

Adelaida Saito the “Neighbourhood’s Champion” was featured for spearheading the organization “Ishinomaki Hawak-Kamay” which helped Filipinos in Japan during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and continues to provide relief support to people suffering in disaster situations around the world.

A voting process was set up by Western Union’s 25th anniversary committee which resulted in the inclusion of Vega, Corpuz, Saito among the 25 modern day “Heroes for Better.”

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