3 Ways Answering Debt Questions Can Help Pay Off Your Debt

Ways Answering Debt Questions
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When it comes to dealing with debt, one thing that most people are scared about is the questions.

“What do you think is the primary reason for your debt?”
“What actions did you not take that caused you to be buried in debt?”

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Some are scared to know the reason why they’re in debt and some are not brave enough to accept they have certain behaviors that caused the debt.

As if dealing with debt isn’t scary enough. Answering these debt questions are equally scary and embarrassing. But if we want to pay off debt, we are required to answer specific questions truthfully.

Here are three ways answering debt questions can actually help pay off debts.

Answering Debt Questions Helps Identify The Cause

In his book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg emphasized how everything we do on a daily basis is a product of habits. And this habit-formation extends to our financial decisions and actions. Clearly, most of our financial decisions and choices result from the habits we have acquired over time as we earn, keep and spend our money.

Now consider the following questions:

When it comes to fashion, do you consider yourself a minimalist who sticks to basics, or do you shop for the latest trends in fashion?

Do you buy coffee in coffee shops, or do you make your own and bring some with you to work?

Do you frequently dine out or cook meals at home?

Do you get a new car if there’s an opportunity, or do you make use of your still-reliable not-so-new car?

For what reasons do you shop: do you shop for what you need, or for pleasure and recreation?

Do you spend to relieve stress, or to get away with boredom?

Do you celebrate small victories by shopping?

Is shopping your way of socially connecting?

Do you feel a certain kind of high when you go shopping?

Do you find yourself hiding certain purchases from your spouse, family or friends?

Some people spend way above their means resulting in debt because of certain habits and behaviors. Some spend because it has become their emotional response, some spend because they want to maintain a specific lifestyle even if they can’t afford it. So whether we spend because of habit or an emotional response, answering these guide questions will help expose the real reason why we are in debt.

Answering Debt Questions Helps Implement The Cure

Now consider these questions:

What situations brought about my debt problems?
What measures have I done to pay off my debts?

Paying off debts require action items and not just goals. And the best way to identify solutions is to first pinpoint the problem. Once we’ve identified the problems and triggers that caused the debt, the next step is to adopt new practices that can help move toward clearing out debt.

How can I minimize my daily expenses?
In what ways can I still enjoy quality coffee without spending too much?
How can I convert my unused stuff at home into money that I can use to pay off my debts?

These kinds of questions can provide answers that serve as solutions to our debt problems. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to paying off your debt, you might want to consider answering questions that can help redirect you to the answers you’ve been looking for.

Answering Debt Questions Helps Treat The Problem

When we get into a little accident of hurting ourselves, say, for instance, cutting our finger while preparing food – we almost automatically find ways to alleviate the pain and discomfort such as applying an ointment. And when the cure is administered, we wait for it to take effect and we know that the cure is effective when the pain and discomfort go away.

When it comes to dealing with debt, once we’ve identified the cause of the debt, we implement action items that will help pay it off (applying the ointment). And then, we see the effectiveness of that cure – our debt decreases as we continue to implement the cure. This is the process of treating the problem (debt).

When properly executed, sooner or later, the problem is fixed! Debt is paid!


Why do you think most people are scared to answer questions about debts?
How important is it to find out the cause of why you accumulated debt?
Challenge: Answer debt questions that can help you find out the cause, implement the cure and treat the problem (debt). Take time to reflect on your answers.

To learn more on you can get out of debt. Please read my book “Till Debt Do Us Part” now at bookstores and Lazada.

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