Animal welfare group, Heart Evangelista rescue pets inside Taal danger zone

Heart Evangelista Taal rescue
Actress and celebrity endorser Heart Evangelista joined a Team of animal welfare advocate from PAWS in their rescue mission within the Taal danger zone. Credits to Heart Evangelista.

Heart Evangelista joined the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) rescue mission of animals within the danger zone of the Taal Volcano eruption.

The Filipino actress and YouTube vlogger, who has been advocating for animal welfare, volunteered to join one of the PAWS rescue missions on February 5, 2020, in bringing food and water to the animals left by their owners during the time of evacuation.

Heart went on social media on February 6 and shared photos of the animal rescue in the area just 5 kilometers away from the Taal Volcano ground zero of the volcanic eruption on January 12, 2020.

The world fashion icon and GMA Kapuso actress penned: “Taal has been lock down for weeks now but was finally able to go yesterday because of @pawsphilippines to help these animals. (heart emoji)”

Heart also commended the PAWS team, and everyone who had been exerting efforts in saving the animals affected by the Taal volcanic eruption natural catastrophe.

“To everyone who has been helping with the welfare of animals that were left behind, and risking their lives by going to Taal, you are truly heroes,” the model-actress said.

Heart, a known animal lover, also joined PAWS in promoting the adoption of the local dogs known as “asong Pinoy” or aspin through “Have a Heart for Aspin“.

The animal welfare advocate-celebrity also shared photos of herself with rescued dogs.

“Don’t worry little one, we’re all doing what we can to give all of you the love and care you need during this time,” Heart said in the caption.

PAWS reported on social media that it continues its daily relief operations to the hardest hit towns near Taal to help feed more than 400 starving animals left behind during the evacuation. The team also distributed pet food and chicken feed to some of the pet owners who have returned from the evacuation centers.

“It is very heartbreaking to see many of the houses that have collapsed from the sheer weight of the volcanic ash. Most of the animals the team encountered were very friendly (a sure sign that they were owned pets) but thin and weak from lack of food,” said PAWS.

The Taal Volcano eruption in January displaced thousands of families in Batangas and Cavite provinces who were hurried out of ground zero and had to leave their animals behind. Several individuals and groups immediately volunteered to help house, feed, and provide for the needs of evacuees, including rescuing their animals, among them, actress-humanitarian Angel Locsin, popster fans of Sarah Geronimo and SB19 A’TINs, the UP Fighting Maroons and UP alumni, OFWs from Italy, New Zealand, and Korea, chef volunteers of Art Relief Mobile Kitchen, and ordinary Filipinos.

Taal Volcano is still on heightened alert and a 14-kilometer radius around it has been declared a permanent danger zone.

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