Atom Araullo, Richard Heydarian of YouTube’s Stand for Truth show reveal to Noel Ferrer their source of Filipino Pride

Filipino journos Atom Araullo, Richard Heydarian point out why Filipinos should be proud of themselves and the Philippines. Credit to Radyo Katipunan.

Award-winning broadcast journalist Atom Araullo who anchors the first YouTube-funded online public affairs show “Stand for Truth” with co-anchor Richard Heydarian, revealed to veteran radio broadcaster Noel Ferrer their source of Filipino pride amidst being faced with the challenging world of journalism.

The Filipino journalists were guests on Ferrer’s ALL KAPS show on April 5 on Radyo Katipunan 87.9 FM in Ateneo de Manila University, and gamely answered the Good News Pilipinas question asked by Ferrer of his guests.

Araullo, who went on radio before flying to New York to receive his Silver award from the New York Festival, talked about his project with Heydarian – the “Stand for Truth” program which will be seen on GMA News Online and the network’s public affairs channel on YouTube.

Araullo said that although an online newscast is not a new idea, “the format itself is kind of evolving and we will try to see where we can take this.” The YouTube show by Araullo and Heydarian will be different from mainstream news in terms of its target audience – the millennials.

After several discussion points on the value of campus journalism, online journalism, online trolls, “fake” news, and the challenges of journalism practice in the Philippines, Araullo and Heydarian were asked by Ferrer, “What makes you proud to be a Filipino now… Saan nanggagaling ang national pride mo as a Filipino journalist at this point?”

Atom answered, “We are a remarkable people. We are incredibly resilient. We are very trusting, loving people.” The critically acclaimed journalist added, “The challenges that we have today lilipas din yan but what will remain is the Filipinos and the Filipino spirit.”

For Richard, the source of his Filipino Pride comes from how “the journalists in this country are fighting back … Everyone is excited to understand about the Philippines. People are saying now, ‘They have a feisty society, they have articulate people coming up.'”

WATCH Atom Araullo and Richard Heydarian with Noel Ferrer on Radyo Katipunan and the Stand for Truth premiere on April 15 at 8pm on GMA News Online and the YouTube channel of GMA Public Affairs.

With reports from Angie Quadra-Balibay, Marclee Agustin

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