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Dep-Ed adopts Globe’s Digital Thumbprint Program to keep schoolchildren safe from online sexual exposure

Dep-Ed Digital Thumbprint Program
The DepEd and Globe partnership aims to make schoolchildren responsible for netizens. Credits to Globe.

The Philippines’ Department of Education (Dep-Ed) has adopted Globe Telecom’s Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) to help keep schoolchildren safe from online sexual exposure.

DTP was designed to mold children into becoming responsible online citizens through learning modules and workshops that take a closer look at their online behavior and help boost their knowledge regarding digital citizenship and cyber safety for a more enjoyable and protected internet experience.

The partnership move, part of the education department’s child protection initiatives amidst its adoption of technology innovations in learning, will have Globe DTP’s four modules brought in as part of the K-to-12 Values Education subject.

Globe introduced the DTP in 2016 aimed at creating a safer online environment for the younger members of society. There are four modules under DTP:

  1. “Digital Insight,” with activities that help students discern proper online behavior to secure their information better;
  2. “Digital Impact” tackles issues on technology’s impact on students’ social activities;
  3. “Digital Ambition” equips them with skills on using technology to help achieve their life goals;
  4. “Digital Discernment” teaches the youth how to spot false information online.
#MakeItSafePH is the battlecry of the Globe DTP. Credits to Globe.

The Digital Thumbprint Program aims to provide schoolchildren guidelines on using the internet without adult supervision, helping them avoid exposure to and being victims of indecent photos and videos.

“While the internet helps children search for information and communicate with their peers, it also comes with a price. Now, there is a higher danger of children talking with strangers especially in social media platforms, forums, and online games. There are also more opportunities for them to be exposed to lewd materials, deliberately or accidentally. However, keeping them away from computers and mobile phones is not the answer. Children must be taught how to protect themselves from these threats,” said Miguel Bermundo, Globe Head for Citizenship.

“We are in a connected world where anyone can easily have access to the Internet. While we believe that the Internet is fundamental to achieving inclusive and equitable quality education, we are also aware that it exposes our youth to many potential risks that may harm them,” Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones said during the National Summit for Digital Citizenship and Responsibility.

“This led us to adopt Globe’s Digital Thumbprint Program after seeing how it has created positive impact on the students and teachers who have undergone the workshops,” the education chief said, adding, “By integrating the program in the delivery of curriculum targets, all students can better learn how to be conscious of their personal security and well-being when online and, eventually, become responsible Internet users.”

Innovations in the country’s education have been initiated by various sectors, among them, the School-in-a-Bag education technology project for poor children, the NuLab Yellow Bus to discover young scientists, and the 21st Century classrooms.

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