Filipina Chef Margarita Forés exemplifies Filipino positivity in crisis

Filipina Chef Margarita Forés
Despite the challenges faced by the restaurant industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Margarita Forés is staying on track with her mission to create delicious Filipino food. Photo from Margarita Forés Instagram.

Filipina chef Margarita Forés is being celebrated for her positivity as a survivor in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic that has closed down most restaurants.

The Filipino pride in culinary arts was showcased by the Ageist Movement as an achiever who survived cancer twice and stayed on course with her mission to present Italian and Filipino dishes to the world.

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In the article “Margarita Forés, 61: Filipina Chef and Entrepreneur Rolling With the Punches” written by Gaia Lutz, the United Nations Gastronomy Tourism Ambassador revealed her love for Italy and New York, her positive outlook, and her mission to create delicious food.

“I always felt I was a nurturer, I always loved to feed people. But if you are able to be nurturing, to allow sustenance with grace and to do it creatively — what a gift that is,” said Asia’s Best Female Chef in the Ageist feature published on May 6, 2020,

“My mission is to make life and living more beautiful and delicious for others,” the Filipino food advocate added.

Forés also revealed she was considering a new fine-dining restaurant concept and a new Cibo in Negros before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The Filipino chef said she is now rethinking things.

“Now, though, we have to rethink the restaurant industry and take care of our staff. I have been working with food for the last 30 years and still I feel that I can never say I know it all. We don’t know what the future looks like; we have to just roll with the punches,” she says.

“Everyone always says Filipinos go through the biggest challenges and always manage to come out with a smile. During the Yolanda storm that hit us and devastated a huge part of our country, people took notice of the Philippines; everyone had a chance to see how beautiful and resilient the people were,” said Margarita Forés to Ageist.

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