From Dumaguete Farm Kid to International Scholar: Uziah George Teejee Acaso’s Remarkable Journey to His Dream University

Uziah George Dream University International Scholar
Discover the inspiring story of Dumaguete farm boy Uziah George Teejee Acaso, who overcame adversity to gain admission to 11 international universities. Read about his journey from humble beginnings to academic success, and how he’s breaking stereotypes about studying abroad. Photos from Uziah Acaso.

From the verdant farmlands of Dumaguete to the high-tech campuses of the United States and Australia, Uziah George Teejee Acaso is proving that dreams know no boundaries. A couple of months ago, this exceptional Filipino student made waves on social media when he announced his acceptance into 11 prestigious universities overseas.

Acaso, a recent graduate and consistent honor student of Ramon Teves Pastor Memorial-Dumaguete Science High School (Regional Science High School for Region VII), will begin his dream university journey at Monash University in Australia, where he will study Biomedical Sciences starting September 2023. This accomplishment follows a grueling college application process that yielded acceptances and scholarship offers from 11 international universities amounting to nearly ₱20 million.

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Hailing from a family of nine, where his father works as a farmer and tricycle driver, Acaso is the sixth among his siblings to pursue higher education. Despite facing numerous hurdles such as poverty and lack of resources, Acaso fought hard for his dream to study overseas and eventually secured scholarship offers worth a staggering total of ₱19,768,520.25 ($380,000 approximately). Acaso’s journey is an inspiration to countless Filipino students, demonstrating that passion, determination, and hard work can break through any barrier.

In his interview with Good News Pilipinas, Acaso talked about his incredible journey and future plans. “I’m currently working on my student visa. I’ll be going to Australia to Monash University, where I’ll be taking up Biomedical Sciences,” Acaso revealed. Despite having more lucrative scholarship offers from other institutions, like the University of Portland, Acaso chose Monash University, pointing towards his strong inclination towards the field of Biology and Health.

“Since I was a kid, I’m really interested in the world of science, most especially in the field of Biology and Health,” he shared. His decision to major in Biomedical Science is a stride towards his ultimate goal – to contribute to the field of healthcare in the Philippines, an issue close to his heart.

Acaso’s journey has not been without obstacles. His family’s financial condition posed a significant barrier to his dream of studying abroad. “My parents can’t afford to send me abroad, but I do everything I can to make my dreams into a reality. I believe that not only rich people can study abroad, and I want to break that stereotype. We just need to believe in ourselves,” he explained.

In his heartfelt post on Facebook on May 1 where he shared his acceptance letters, Acaso narrated his arduous journey, “I was a child raised in extreme poverty. I studied hard until I graduated as a class valedictorian.” He added, “I applied to every university even though financial means was a big issue. Every day, every night, every minute, I saw myself as an International student.”

The promising young scholar received acceptance from the following 11 universities:

  1. Florida Institute of Technology- Biomedical Science, Florida USA
  2. Missouri University of Technology- Bachelor of Biological Sciences, Missouri, USA
  3. Norwich University- Bachelor of Neuroscience, Vermont, USA
  4. Macquarie University- Bachelor of Medical Sciences with a major in Anatomy and Physiology, Sydney, Australia
  5. University of Canberra- Diploma of Science and Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Canberra, Australia
  6. Bond University- Diploma in Legal Studies and a Double degree in Bachelor of Biomedical Science/Bachelor of Laws, Queensland, Australia
  7. University of Portland- Bachelor of Nursing, Oregon USA
  8. Bentley University- Bachelor of Science in Biology, Massachusetts USA
  9. University of Connecticut- Physiology & Neurobiology, Connecticut, USA
  10. Gardner-Webb University- Bachelor of Science in Biology, North Carolina USA
  11. Monash University- Foundation Year and Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Melbourne, Australia

These achievements have paved the way for Acaso’s dream to become a reality. Despite his humble beginnings, he serves as a beacon of hope, embodying the essence of hard work, resilience, and an unyielding spirit. His journey from a small farm in Dumaguete to the halls of the prestigious Monash University sends a powerful message to dreamers everywhere: that regardless of circumstances, success is within reach for those who dare to pursue it.

Uziah George Teejee Acaso is part of the growing number of Filipino youth who seek to study overseas with the vision to come back to the Philippines with their learnings and be of service to the people. Check out the stories of Enzo Miguel Kho from Negros Island who is now studying at Princeton University, Capiz farmer’s son Aldrean Paul Alogon who studies at Wesleyan University, and Micah Joyce Guillermo of Cagayan Valley now enrolled at Simmons University.

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