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Great Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones this Christmas Holiday in the Philippines

From plants to baked goodies, reusable face masks to alcoholster. These items are some of the perfect gifts for this coming holiday.

Here are great gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season now that Christmas bells are already ringing and the season of giving is upon us!

As the COVID-19 pandemic marked an unprecedented year for 2020, Filipino families can still make the holiday season a special one while in the comforts of their home through the “bigayan” or gift-giving tradition.

The Philippines, having been recognized in the world for its longest Christmas celebration, heralds the beautiful trait of Filipino generosity that still shines amidst adversities.

To guide you on what gift suits your loved ones, here’s a list of ideas to make your holiday season a memorable one:


a. Indoor plants and pots

Since the strict community lockdowns have been implemented in the country in March 2020, many have taken up the hobby to be plant lovers known as “plantitas” or “plantitos”.

For a simple gift of nature, you may gift your loved ones with plants such as succulents, snake plants, peace lily, golden pothos, spider plants, hanging plants, and many more.

b. Biodegradable phone case

Filipino brand Coast has created plant-based and 100% biodegradable phone cases that can be composted after use to reduce plastic pollution.

For your stylish friends, you may give them these trendy yet sustainable and eco-friendly gifts.

c. Reusable masks

Face masks have become a necessity for everyone but the amount of waste of disposable masks is also piling up. To protect your loved ones from the threat of contracting COVID-19 while caring for the environment, give them reusable masks as the eco-friendly choice.

Check out more of these proudly Philippine-made reusable heritage face masks.

d. Tote bag

To reduce plastic wastes when going grocery shopping for the holidays, a tote bag is a considerate gift. Not only is it stylish, but it also helps in promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

You may order at Sarsa Kitchen + Bar to also contribute to its typhoon Ulysses fund drive through this number +639175280115

Share the gift of environmental love. Here are more Eco-Friendly Products that actually give you savings while saving the planet.


a. Leather ‘alcoholster’

Another gift for the “new normal” is an ‘alcoholster’ or alcohol bottle holster made from 100% leather created by Manila-based brand Coastal.

The holster is designed to hold the alcohol bottle in place and comes with a trigger spray bottle, detachable leather wristlet, and belt hoop. To show how much you care for your family and friends, this holster is a perfect gift idea for just P280. You may buy it on http://costalbags.com/

b. Planner or Journal

As the unprecedented year of 2020 draws to an end, planning for the next year is the next best thing. So to plan for the year ahead, especially for your busy friends, a planner or a journal is a thoughtful gift this Christmas.

c. Stylish dinnerware

To make the dining experience more appealing, a gorgeous set of plates, bowls, and other kitchenwares are a perfect gift for your family.

At Mesa Moderna, you can buy colorful plates, glasses, and other tableware, perfect to do gift shopping at such an affordable price. Check them out on Facebook.

d. Gift Card

To make your gift-searching easier and affordable, a more practical choice of holiday gift is a gift certificate.

You may give Gifted.PH Gift Card that will allow your family and friends to choose from any of Gifted’s 150 electronic gift card brands.


a. Baked goodies

Nothing beats a gift that is made from the heart. If you have the capability to create pastry products, it is a touching present to your loved ones while discovering a new skill or honing the inner baker in you.

b. Planner board

As work-from-home set-ups became the new normal, planner boards definitely come in handy to keep us on our daily tasks. You can make it a simple or artistic gift depending on your skills.

But if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can order online at Decal Bar Manila’s planner boards available in a monthly variant and a weekly one.

c. Homemade Body Scrub

Personally made essential product is another gift idea that shows how much you care. You can make it using natural ingredients such as honey, lemon, lavender, coconut oil, and peppermint oil.

SHARE WITH US in the comments below, what are your ideas for a perfect holiday gift?

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