If you want to GIVE LOVE another CHANCE and you are single, open this. :)

Vision Board for single ladies

Are you in your journey of self-love?

Or perhaps, you intend to manifest a happy, healthy & loving relationship?

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Or maybe you are giving yourself another chance, another shot, for romance?

You see, if you have been visualizing yourself in your ideal relationship with your ideal person, being your ideal self…

then that means something, doesn’t it?

And if you believe that if you see in it in your head, you can hold in with your hands…

then that has to amount to something, right?

Now if you have been praying for a lovelife that is meant for you and you say “I’m patiently waiting for signs and all that..”

then that means you are carefully discerning what comes your way, right?

​Now I want you to ask yourself…

Does this workshop called “Single Ladies Vision Board Party” resonate with you?

Does this make you feel intrigued? Excited? Hopeful? Understood? Cared for?

​If you feel good about this, I invite you to get in the Waitlist, now na!

SIGN UP NOW be one of the firsts to know when Registration opens! ​

Save the date: July 23 and 24, 8pm-10pm! 🙂

If natapos mo hanggang dito, at ikaw ay single and ready to mingle, take this chance!:)

Or, Forward to your single lady friend whose life you can change.

Thank you.

Positively yours,


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