Jhett Tolentino scores 10th win in Belarus for Pinoy rags-to-riches bio-docu “Life Is What You Make It”

Jhett Tolentino bio-documentary Life Is What You Make It
Jhett Tolentino’s Life is What You Make It caps the year on a high note. Credits to LIWYMI.

Broadway producer Jhett Tolentino’s bio-documentary, “Life Is What You Make It”, capped the year on a high note after notching a 10th win at the KinoDUEL International Film Festival held in Belarus.

The rags-to-riches story of the Grammy and Tony Awards-winning Filipino-American from the slums of Iloilo in central Philippines was given the KinoDUEL “Special prize for Inspiring Example and Love for Your Country”.

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Tolentino’s bio-docu was screened during the KinoDUEL festival held in Minsk from November 22-24.

“Life Is What You Make It” had 9 previous wins from the following festivals:

Jhett Tolentino shared to Good News Pilipinas his mission in going into filmmaking.

“Immigrant stories are universal. Mine is extra special because Filipinos go the extra mile. We go for lengths like nobody’s business. May this inspire more Pinoys to focus on their dreams and never let go until they happen,” the multi-awarded Tolentino said.

Jhett Tolentino also hinted that there are upcoming plans to make the film available to more audiences, including in the Philippines.

SEND congratulations to Jhett Tolentino and his Life is What You Make It team for their 10 international awards!

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