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Kwentong Jollibee Valentine’s videos celebrate relationship goals, surviving young love

Jollibee Valentine's video
Can you relate with these 3 stories of true love? Photo from Jollibee.

The Kwentong Jollibee Valentine’s video series is back with the message of the reality of relationship goals and surviving young love.

The new series of Jollibee Studios short films inspired from true stories revolve around the topic of finding, holding on, and fighting for true love.


The first Kwentong Jollibee video posted on February 1, 2020, titled #CoupleGoals, has garnered over 16 million views on YouTube.

“This is the story of a picture-perfect couple showing the reality of a relationship behind every social media post,” explains Jollibee about it’s first Kwentong Jollibee for 2020.

#CoupleGoals” tells the story of Matt and Lisa who appear on social media as a perfect couple always on dates. The reality behind the photos is not so picture perfect and eventually leads to a dilemma.

#CoupleGoals is directed by Ianco Dela Cruz, the same creator of the Kwentong Jollibee viral video “Vow” of 2017 which had netizens buzzing about its storyline twist. Dela Cruz also created the 2018 viral video “Status” referring to the social media term, and the 2019 “Choice” that again had a storyline twist which had netizens enthusiastically sharing the video.

In Dela Cruz’s 2020 video #CoupleGoals, the message that wrapped up the 4 and a half minute video was: “True love is not about making it perfect. It’s about making it work together.”

WATCH #CoupleGoals here


On February 3, the second Kwentong Jollibee video titled “Space” was released and has since earned over 5 million views on YouTube.

The story of Space has the lead character of Dan, an adorably enthusiastic boyfriend to unappreciative girlfriend Mae who decides to look for a better match. That is, until she sees Dan happy with another girl and at which point she realizes she wanted to get back together. Who will Dan choose?

The 6 and half minute video was directed by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo, the director of blockbuster film Kita-Kita.

Space wraps up with this message: “True love is not looking for someone better. It’s seeing the best in The One.”

WATCH Space here


“Apart”, the third video in the series, was released on February 7 and has since notched over 2 million views.

Apart is directed by award-winning Pepe Diokno, also of the viral 2017 Kwentong Jollibee “Date” which had netizens teary-eyed over a young boy’s attempts to cheer up his mother after the family patriarch passes away.

The story of Myles and Ron start with issues about Myles making decisions on her own to spend time with her friends, away from Ron. The issues eventually drive them apart until they accidentally meet again and rediscover joy in each other’s company.

“How do you know if love deserves a second chance?” Aaks the Kwentong Jollibee video, wrapping up the 4 minutes and a half video with the message: “True love is not just about me but always about we.”

WATCH Apart here

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