Learning COVID-19 safety tips from Minecraft gamers

Minecraft COVID-19
Minecraft hospital for COVID-19 patients. Screenshots from the author.

Hi! I just got myself a Minecraft server and have already made a lot of stuff in it. I got Minecraft from doing lots of articles and I finally got it!

I made a hospital for coronavirus disease patients. It’s big but doesn’t have a lot of stuff yet. I think you should see it for yourself! But I still don’t know how to make my servers fully public without whitelisting, which is a shame.

Anyway. In the hospital, you can get a custom potion in the server called “Vitamins” to get a health boost! But it tastes disgusting. There are also hospital rooms and chests with stuff in it with vitamins, doctor PPEs, etc.

I noticed though that no one on Minecraft was talking about the Coronavirus though I have seen player usernames called “AWildCoronavirus”. But it seems gamers haven’t been taking the outbreak seriously. You should really take it seriously because it spreads super duper fast! It can be spread by someone with the virus just by exhaling, coughing, sneezing, or anything that has to do with breathing.

Vitamins counter in the Minecraft Hospital

So I put up signboards on Minecraft world with tips on what you should do to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Wash your hands every few minutes/hours, or so.
  2. Stay away from huge crowds – they can transmit the virus, even from exhaling!
  3. Don’t touch your face, most importantly not the eyes, nose, and mouth!
  4. Take a bath regularly every day. Why clean up? If you got into a place with a lot of people – who knows if someone might’ve coughed on your back! That’s why you need to take a bath all the time. And also clean everything you touch! You should also clean stuff like cups and clothes! People might’ve coughed and sneezed on your furniture so you might have to clean the dining table.
  5. If you have a fever, cough a lot, can’t breathe that much, go to the hospital! But if you don’t have these symptoms, just keep healthy by drinking lots of vitamins. Going to the hospital even if it’s not an emergency will expose you to more ways to pick up the virus.
  6. Listen to doctors. There are some you can now consult on a phone or the internet. If it has to do with “Drink more vitamins”, then do it!
World Health Organization Reminders are posted on the Minecraft Hospital.

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Agnes Hannah Q. Balibay is a Filipino Pride young advocate who really, really loves computers, digital art, and making friends from around the world.