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Mikey Bustos channels Lady Gaga’s Stupid Love into Stupid Cough for Covid-19 safety video

Mikey Bustos has channeled Lady Gaga’s new hot single Stupid Love into a YouTube parody video titled Stupid Cough to promote for safety amid the novel coronavirus disease or COVID-19 outbreak.

The new YouTube video was released on social media over the weekend as the Philippines went on code red alert following the first reported localized transmission of coronavirus disease 2019 in the Philippines.

Stupid Love is Lady Gaga’s first solo single after four years which became a global hit in February with netizens tweeting with the official pink color of the music video but the novel coronavirus outbreak took over the trending topics.

Filipino celebrity YouTuber Mikey Bustos, known for his comedy videos that infuse Filipino culture in song parodies, released the video on March 6, 2020, and his other social media the next days, with the title, “Stupid Cough – How to Avoid Coronavirus (Lady Gaga “Stupid Love” Parody)”.

The over 3-minute video, a passion project written and directed by Mikey Bustos with Executive Producer RJ Garcia, showed how people have been reacting and over-reacting to the virus outbreak – locking themselves in, wearing masks all the time, disinfecting all surfaces – including racist treatment of anyone looking Asian owing to the fact that the virus started from Wuhan in China.

Mikey then sings and shows helpful infographics on how to effectively keep safe from contracting the virus and even advised those who are sick to help stop the virus from spreading.

“Here are effective ways to avoid contracting the novel COVID – 19 to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love”. Stay safe and healthy everyone! Coronavirus is cancelled!” posted Mikey Bustos.

Here are the Lyrics to Stupid Cough so you can memorize it and sing-along with Mikey Bustos as you help spread correct information about the Covid-19:

Stupid Cough

I am now a total germaphobe,
Always disinfecting, cuz on the news it’s
All about this virus ‘round the globe,
Kinda like World War Z, paranoia’s making me

Freak out! I freak out! I freak out! I freak out!
I wipe down! Wipe down! Wipe down! Wipe down!
Vitamin C!
Facemask! Facemask! Facemask! Facemask
each time I go out!
I’m listening around for a cough!

I’m constantly, disinfecting everything..
I’m staying locked up in my house!
Don’t come near me, if you need me, whatsapp/viber!

Don’t want no stupid cough, cough!
Don’t want no stupid cough!


Now it’s time to stop this from spreading
Cough or sneeze in your sleeve
Stay at home if you can,
Don’t give this virus chance to breed,
Gotta cancel that cruise, better drink your fluids, too,

Avoid crowds, avoid crowds, avoid crowds,
Good hygiene!
Don’t touch, don’t touch, don’t touch, don’t touch your face
If you’ve got, a cough, fever, breathing hard
Call your doctor now….

Don’t go panic shopping for stuff…

Wear a mask if, you’re feeling sick, please don’t spread it.

Don’t be racist to us Asians!

Don’t be silly, the enemy’s, not human beings,
It’s Coronavirus! (I’m Filipino!)

Don’t want no stupid cough, cough!
Don’t want no stupid cough, cough!


Don’t make it a reason to panic, while they work on vaccines,
Know your information, together we’ll stop Covid-19! *cough*!
Cover! Cover!

This ain’t no CoVid cough, cough!
Just listen to your Gov, Gov!
And share this vid to all, all
So this song goes viral, oh! No pun intended!

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