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Positivitrix shares new tips to give you positive energy.

“Trix, it seems that we cannot do our Vision Boards without you!

We just got no time!”- C

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And that is why, even if they have done this with me before prior to the pandemic, she enrolled herself and her husband once again, and now added her sister, for Dec. 30!

That way, they can really do their vision boards, focus on themselves and plan how they want their 2022 to turn out!

You see, saying Yes to the party for just 3 hours on Dec. 30 is saying Yes to yourself for a solid me-time that you so deserve!

It is saying Yes to listening to your heart without interruptions and destructions from the outside world!

It is saying Yes to giving yourself the time of day to realign and figure out what truly matters to you for 2022 and beyond.

Last 4 days to save P1,000 and get that free 15 min consultation with me!

And, a few of what they had to say about the workshop.

Vision board participants’ feedback.

​​If you’d need my help to make you sit still and have fun planning out your 2022, register today:

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