PositiviTrix shares about When your Guides speak to you

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Just last night, I had my friend Dar, from the Philippines Intuitive Academy, do a Tarot reading for me.

I was so hesitant about these things earlier in my life but later on, I started to appreciate it when I realized that it is but just one way of reconnecting to the Divine being. It’s not evil. It’s actually very helpful if you understand its advantages and limitations.

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I wanted to share with you the big message I received summed up in our 1-hour session…

I would want to look inside my heart and know myself as Trixie independent of me as a girlfriend, as PositiviTrix, as a family member.

I need to sit a little longer and seek what else truly makes me happy.

And that whatever service I am giving to others, all the more I should give to myself.

​I got confused because as far as I know, I am aware of myself and I am doing what makes me happy.

Other than who I am right now, other than what I do, and my affiliations in life, I don’t know who else I am.

​And then, I just remembered I had a session with coach Andrea early yesterday morning during our Sundates group and when I took a screenshot of the assignment, I think that and my evening reading are related.

​I’d like to think that it’s a close answer to what my Creator, my divine guide wanted me to spend more time on.

​You see, I have always wanted to reconnect and rekindle my relationship with my family members and some friends. These 3 options would really make me happy.

Reconnecting to the people who matter in my life, just as me. Just as Trixie. Not as a coach. Just me stripped of what I have accomplished, sans my judgment based from my expertise.

To be honest, I don’t know how I could do, to be present just as me, without my PositiviTrix hat. But I guess, that’s what it meant. And I feel good about it. So yes, I am up for the challenge suggested by coach Andrea.

​Once again, I feel I am so supported by the Universe! Just when I thought I have an overflowing love for myself, then I get the message that I need to have more of it. ​

I hope something resonated with you thru this story.


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