How are you feeling today? Positivitrix shares how to keep your balance

Positivitrix how to keep your balance
Trixie Esguerra shares tips on how to stay positive. Photo from Positivitrix

I woke up and I felt I had to share something.

We have this fear, dismay, and loneliness because of what’s going on and it’s okay to feel these.

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This is just a reminder to be conscious of what kind of emotions do we feed ourselves more, on a daily basis.

​Do we inhale more fear than we inhale hope?

Do we let our ears hear more bad news than we let our eyes see what we are grateful for?

Do we go to bed more anxious that there are no more hospital beds than we visualize how the world recovers?

​This is not to invalidate your feelings.

Your feelings, beautiful and ugly, are all valid.

​This is just a reminder for us to be more deliberate about how we keep our balance,

what we allow ourselves to consume us,

to recognize the vibration that we are keeping in our own little world.

Because yes, this translates to the outer world.

​What we think about, we bring about.

I am praying for you and your family. Please pray for me and my loved ones too.


I just cried my heart out. Have you done the same lately?

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