Pusong Pinoy Canadian vlogger Kulas to promote more tourism sites

Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann will continue educating himself on Becoming Filipino while advocating local tourism. Credits to Becoming Filipino.

Canadian vlogger Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann is set to expand his platforms for sharing stories about his exploration of the Philippines after being appointed as the country’s newest tourism ambassador.

Kyle Jennermann is tasked to advocate for Philippine tourism as part of the pool of personalities who have accepted the tourism ambassador post such as Dimples Romana of the Daniela Mondragon viral memes and reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

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Jennermann adopted the Pinoy nickname “Kulas” after admittedly being smitten by the country’s charms when he first visited in 2013 on a charity mission. Kulas has since left his native Canada and has been living in Cagayan de Oro in Southern Philippines for over 5 years.

During his stay in the country, the Pinoy-at-heart Kulas had brought other foreign vloggers like the Fighter Boys to explore the South and even joined the advocacy to protect Siargao Island through the Juan Effect.

“…something I think many Filipinos have beautifully mastered… the art of making others smile even when answering questions or having moments that could lead to sadness.” – Kyle Jennermann. Credits to Becoming Filipino.

The Becoming Filipino vlogger, known for his stories about the Philippines and the Filipino people on YouTube and social media, officially linked up with the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) during a visit in August.

“Big news for #BecomingFilipino is linking up to help promote national tourism advocacies here in the Philippines,” announced Jennermann on social on August 7.

The travel vlogger had met with officials of the Tourism Promotions Board, the marketing and promotions agency of the Department of Tourism’s (DOT), during a visit to Manila.

“The Tourism Promotions Board believes that my experiences are important to share… DO YOU KNOW HOW INSPIRING THAT IS!” revealed Jennermann.

“And it gets even better… Both Kumar and I aren’t just being asked to help promote tourism advocacies… we are being asked to help ASSESS! This year, besides doing as we usually do with #BecomingFilipino (spontaneously adventure, learn, and share positive education), we will be visiting local communities around the Philippines.

“But, we will be with a national tourism team, who will help assess sustainable community-based tourism practices. The TPB would like our insights, feedback, and ideas! I am deputized as a national tourism assessor here in the Philippines!” adds the Cagayan de Oro-based Canadian.

“Kulas. We just want you to… be you. I don’t want you to post about me or my office. I don’t want you to have to say specific things, or do specific things. I just want you to continue doing exactly what you are doing,” Kulas quoted TPB chief Venus Tan.

Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann is deputized to give talks at national and regional tourism conferences in the Philippines. He is scheduled to speak at the Philippines Travel Mart at SMX Convention Center in Pasay this August 31st.

SEND cheers to Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann, the Canadian travel vlogger as he explores Becoming Filipino!

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