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UK-based radiographer Apollo Exconde awarded Health Icon Rising Star

United Kingdom-based Filipino radiographer Apollo Exconde was named the Health Icon Rising Star during the 2021 Zenith Global Health Awards and Summit.

From LEGO MRI to Dx Elevator, Apollo Exconde’s new idea helps claustrophobics

United Kingdom-based radiographer Apollo Exconde has come out with a new idea to help people with claustrophobia ride elevators.

Pinoy radiographer Apollo Exconde’s LEGO toy MRI idea reaches 10k milestone

Pinoy radiographer Apollo Exconde's LEGO toy Open MRI idea has reached a milestone of 10,000 supporters that sent the medical toy design for review to have the idea turned into reality by the toy bricks manufacturer.

UK-based Filipino radiographer’s LEGO MRI Toy Idea halfway to being accepted as official design

Filipino radiographer Apollo Exconde's Open MRI design, which was submitted to LEGO Ideas for adoption as an official design of the toy bricks manufacturer, is halfway to being accepted as an official design. Exconde, a...
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Radiographer Apollo Exconde wins London’s Croydon incredible customer service award

Filipino radiographer Apollo Exconde has been given the "Incredible Customer Service Award" by London's Croydon Health Services NHS Trust (Trust). Exconde was cited by the Trust for his professionalism and caring manner that helps patients...

Good News Pilipinas! TV Week In Review Episode 2 featuring Catriona Gray and Darren...

Good News Pilipinas! TV presents the Week In Review Episode 2 wrapping up the week with 5 of the best Filipino Pride Stories featuring Pinoy Achievements from Thailand to Hollywood – with Miss Universe...
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