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Earth Hour Pilipinas

Filipinos overcome COVID-19 quarantine to come together on digital for Earth Hour

Filipinos on lockdown went digital for the observation of Earth Hour 2020, enabling the nation to bridge the gap brought on by social distancing required by the community quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus disease.

Illac Diaz Liter of Light 100-Day Global Voyage of Light on Peace Boat journey...

Filipino innovator and visionary Illac Diaz brought his Liter of Light team aboard Japan's Peace Boat in December and went on a 100-day journey around the world on a solar lighting mission, bringing inexpensive...

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JUST IN: These 31 countries now accept Filipino travelers

Thirty-one countries and territories across the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East/Africa, have lifted their inbound border restrictions on Filipino travels.