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Philippines one of the world’s Top 30 Tourism Powerhouses

The world-famous Boracay Island in the Philippines is scheduled to reopen in October after the government assessment of compliance by businesses and residents met environmental standards.

FB celebrity Nas Daily affirms love for the Philippines

Daily video creator, traveler, and Facebook celebrity Nas Daily a.k.a. Nuseir Yassin has again made a video about the Philippines – this time the video runs for 6 minutes instead of his usual 1-minute video.

Why do Filipinos have a Sunny Disposition?

If there’s one trait that the Filipinos are known for, aside from being hospitable, it’s our ability to be happy and stay positive no matter the circumstances. Whether we’re weathering strong typhoons or simply surviving the horrible Metro traffic – Filipinos still find a reason to smile.

Majority of Filipinos say success in both love and career isn’t impossible

If you are nursing a V-Day blues hangover because your partner does not seem to accept the fact that you can happily keep your relationship even while you are earning successes at work –...

Philippines ranks 3rd happiest, most optimistic in the world

The Philippines claimed third spot among the happiest and most optimistic countries in the world. Gallup International’s 41st annual global year-end poll showed that 86 % of Filipinos answered that they were happy, two percent...

7 Good Reasons to Do Business in the Philippines

The Philippines is no longer the sick man of Asia, and the world’s businesses know it. With the country breaking new records in the stock market, sustaining a rising GDP growth rate, receiving positive international...
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Filipino franchises conquer overseas markets

Filipino franchisers are making their presence felt in the international business scene,expanding their customer base across the continents

Ateneo 1st PHL school in UN virtual academic network

Ateneo de Manila University now holds the distinction of being the very first Philippine university to join the United Nations Conference

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