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When Is The Right Time to Franchise? | Butz Bartolome

Q: Nagsimula kaming mag negosyong mag asawa. Siya ay isang employee sa isang food establishment na nagsara nang tumama ang pandemic. Ako naman ay manager ng isang catering company na sinamang palad ay nagsara rin. Nagpasya kami na magtayo ng isang simpleng food business. Halos araw araw ay may nagtatanong kung kami ay nagpapa franchise. Dalawang taon pa lang ang negosyo. Ano kaya ang dapat mga gawin?

Helping Family Run Their Business | Butz Bartolome

Q: My brother-in-law requested me to help his several businesses. However, I need help managing him as he often listens to my recommendations less. What should I do?

Reasons Why People Want To Go Into Business | Butz Bartolome

There are various reasons why people want to go into business, and these reasons can differ from person to person.

Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Must Develop | Butz Bartolome

Entrepreneurship can be demanding and stressful, and entrepreneurs must develop healthy habits to help them stay balanced and focused. Here are some healthy habits that every entrepreneur should consider creating:

How to use social media relevant to business | Butz Bartolome

There are several ways that businesses can make use of social media platforms to benefit their operations:

Making Your Business a Game Changer | Butz Bartolome

Q: I have read many articles about businesses that need to be game changers. How do I do that?

What OFWs Should Prepare Before Returning Home | Butz Bartolome

I am an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW. How do I prepare when I want to return to the Philippines?

Finding the Right Franchise For You | Butz Bartolome

More people have started to realize the need to create another source of income to get by on their everyday needs. And for some, the simplest way to start a business is through franchising.

Interested in Franchising? | Butz Bartolome

Franchising has been used by the business world for over a hundred years. In 1888, Matilda Harper laid down the foundation of business format franchising without even knowing that indeed she started a “ gold rush” so to speak among business entrepreneurs.

6 Ways How to Spot a Good Franchise Business

Many people always ask what is the best franchise business to invest in. Often the basis would be on the price; something affordable and within the range of one’s pocket. There are also those who base their decision on what their neighbor invested in.

What Encourages People to Buy Your Product?

Businesses are created to provide products and services, and turn a profit. The main concern of business owners is how to ethically influence consumers to purchase what they offer.

Why Millennials Should Be Learning More About Money Management

While individuals in their 20s and early 30s may still be figuring out their place in the world, I have noticed just how different younger people are today.
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