WATCH: Viral video imagines a world without Filipinos and the Philippines

Regan Hillyer Philippines Viral video
Serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and global speaker Regan Hillyer is inspiring people around the world to appreciate Filipinos. Screengrabs from #ThankYouPhilippines video.

The viral video created by global speaker Regan Hillyer is making rounds on the internet for spotlighting the contributions of Filipinos around the world and the beauty of the Philippines.

The international content creator believes that the Philippines deserves more recognition and is “the one country in the world that is taken for granted more than any other place.”

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In the four-minute video first uploaded on January 26, 2021, netizens are asked: “What Would The World Do Without The Philippines?”

Filipino nurses and medical personnel

The video notes that as the world’s top supplier of nurses and medical personnel, Filipinos play a huge part in supporting life and healthcare around the globe. Over 25 percent of all overseas nurses come from the Philippines and are actively involved in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beautiful islands and oceans

“Without the Philippines, we would lose 7,641 islands…these breathtakingly beautiful islands are known for their agriculture and they’re home to over 35 percent of the world’s coral reefs,” Hillyer adds.

The nation is home to large numbers of endemic wildlife species and marine biodiversity. The Philippines is beloved by travelers around the globe and is world-famous for scenic travel spots as well as pristine white beaches like Boracay and Palawan.

Gender-balanced workplaces

According to Hillyer, the country is also Asia’s gold standard for “how women should be treated in society” and closing the gender gap. The Philippines is one of the world’s best places for working women and has been consistently lauded for gender-balanced workplaces.

“The bottom line is that without the Philippines, the world would be less flavorful and not nearly as charming and definitely a lot less magical,” Hillyer continues.

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and global speaker Regan Hillyer encouraged viewers around the world to show appreciation for Filipinos and one of the most resourceful places on Earth, the Philippines, through sharing the video with the hashtag #ThankYouPhilippines.

“Write #ThankYouPhilippines to show your appreciation for the Philippines! And share this video with others so they can embrace the beauty of the Philippines!” Hillyer wrote.

As of this writing, the heart-warming viral post featuring the Philippines has garnered over 49,000 Facebook reactions from viewers and over 40,000 shares on social media. Netizens were also encouraged to tag or mention a Filipino friend in their post to thank them.

Recent video campaigns showcasing the Philippines include Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s short films ‘The Beauty of the Philippines’ and ‘The Beaches of the Philippines’.

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