WATCH: Wealth coach Chinkee Tan recommends ‘Dagdag-Bawas’ saving method

Chinkee Tan 'Dagdag-Bawas' saving method
How can you get rich this 2022? Chinkee Tan shows how in an exclusive interview on the Good News Pilipinas! TV YouTube channel.

Let’s watch the Philippines’ top wealth management guru Chinkee Tan reveal how his ‘Dagdag-Bawas’ saving method and other financial tips can help Filipinos achieve their goal of becoming rich this 2022.

Tan, also known as Mr. Chink Positive, has been teaching Filipinos around the world how to become financially literate and debt-free so they can achieve their dreams.

The top motivational speaker, wealth and life coach, and bestselling author joins Good News Pilipinas! TV anchor Trixie Esguerra of Positivitrix in the third episode of the new series, “Filipino Pride Newsmakers“.

In the episode, Tan discusses the popularity of his “Ipon Challenges” or saving methods on social media and how they have inspired others to earn more money despite challenging times.

The wealth guru talked about the success of his readers and viewers as well as the most valuable lesson that he has learned in the past two years.

In the exclusive interview, Tan also shared several new tips for becoming more financially independent this year, such as the “Dagdag-Bawas” saving method which can help people save more money while also reducing their expenses at the same time.

The finance expert also reveals the best piece of advice that he himself has ever received, his inspiring journey, and how he gets motivated to keep on going despite his busy schedule.

Those interested in knowing more about Chinkee Tan and his helpful financial advice for Filipinos can find him on all social media platforms and his website.

The new episode is part of the series introduced as the “Filipino Pride Newsmakers” which features live interviews with personalities from the Philippines and around the world who are making good news headlines for making every Filipino proud.

The first batch of the interview series which premiered in February with Morissette and Christian Bautista will also feature candid interviews with world-class toy designer Quiccs, Moy Ortiz of The CompanY, top singer-songwriter Trina Belamide, indigenous peoples advocate Bayang Barrios and Liter of Light Filipino innovator Illac Diaz.

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