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2020 Year Ender: Best Good News in Philippine Business

Philippine Business Good News
Business innovations helped the local Philippine economy to weather the effects of Covid 19.

This Year Ender List of the Good News about Philippine Business in 2020 presents showcase stories of outstanding business practices and industry progress despite the slowdown of the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses and entrepreneurs in the Philippines innovated on products and services they offered and managed to survive the challenges posed by the health crisis.

These are the 6 Best Good News in Business for 2020 that received the most love from GoodNewsPilipinas.com readers:

6. PAL’s father and child pilot tandems

As air travel slowly resumed after being restricted by health protocols, Philippine Airlines shared stories of father and child tandems co-piloting flights and people generously welcomed the pairings.

Pictures circulated in September showing the Philippines’ flag carrier’s father and son or father and daughter pilots working together at the flight deck.

These father and child tandems are pilots for Philippine Airlines flights

5. UP Diliman’s Mang Larry’s Isaw-To-Go

The University of the Philippines Diliman campus hosts Mang Larry’s Isawan stand that has attracted students from its more affluent neighboring schools to savor the grilled street food.

When the health crisis struck, the grilled street food stand also closed and eventually reopened in March after instituting health safety protocols and offered its usual fare of barbecued pig or chicken intestines, isaw manok, isaw baboy, pork BBQ, goto, gizzard, buchi, tenga, atay, and chicken ass for pick-up and as frozen isaw-to-go.

Famous Isawan in UP Diliman stays open amid pandemic by following safety protocols

4. Fashionable face masks made of indigenous fabric

As the lockdown slowly eased up in June to allow more people to leave their homes for work and essential travel, interest surged in fashionable reusable face masks as required personal protective equipment (PPE) in public places.

Cloth face masks made by local weavers and sewers who use the colorful textile from Mindanao as their decorative designs trended, along with heritage face mask creations by indigenous people from Luzon and Visayas.

Fashionable face masks made of Mindanao textile trend as Philippines enters “new normal”

3. Jollibee Chickenjoy among World’s Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken

Homegrown Filipino restaurant Jollibee’s Chicken Joy found favor with the American public and was voted 4th Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken in October.

The crunchy chicken was predicted to “take over the United States” as the food chain continued its expansion in overseas markets.

Jollibee Chickenjoy ranks 4th Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken in America

2. Sari-sari stores selling non-sachet products

Wala Usik Sari-sari stores in Negros innovated by selling products not using plastic sachets and instead encouraged the use of refillable and reusable containers in an effort to help reduce sea waste.

The zero-waste store project report in January documented the impact of the Wala Usik stores in redesigning the sachet culture in Filipino communities.

Wala-Usik Sari-sari stores innovate with non-sachet products to help reduce sea waste

1. Tech companies lead top Philippine employers

Technology companies Accenture, Google, International Business Machines (IBM) led the list of Top 15 Philippine Employers to Work For in the country as technology helped workers to continue working from home amid the enforcement of community quarantine to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease.

Philpad listed the Philippines’ top-rated employers and companies from different job search platforms online, using measures of employee ratings, hiring process, salary and compensation, employee benefits, work environment, and career growth.

Accenture, Google, IBM technology companies lead Top 15 Philippine employers

SHARE in the comments below, which is your favorite Best Good News in Business this 2020?

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