3 Tips to Get Your Energy Back!

Tips to Get Your Energy Back
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“Trix, how do I get my Energy back?”
This was one of the main concerns of the employees of a company I spoke to a few days ago.

Now if I ask you that question, what answer would you tell me?

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I’d like to share with you 3 tips that can help you easily manage your time and energy which can definitely push you to gain bigger commissions, peace within, and authentic happiness.

Tell me, how often do you treat yourself?
Weekends? Wednesday nights? Biweekly? Seldom?

I asked because Tip #1 is: Treat yourself daily.
Treat could mean any of these things in the photo you see, or more:

Reflection time.
Watching your favorite shows online.
Creating content on social media.
Singing while showering.
Playing your games.
Journalling or Reading
Cooking healthy food.
Doing your routine with your oils or sage with prayer.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Expensive or time-consuming.
Treating yourself daily is managing your time and energy well because you are the most important person in your life.

Not your parents or spouse, children or boss, client or friend… it’s you!

And if you say that you treat your loved ones so good, you better treat yourself better!

And when you treat yourself, you want to do it daily, for you give out a big chunk of your good energy on a day-to-day basis so it is just important that you also get fired up by something that makes you happy, on a day-to-day basis too!

It’s not being selfish. It is called living your life.

Ready for tip #2?

When was the last time you had personal issues and you decided to sit down and reflect on them?

I asked because Tip #2 for you is: Go have some inner self-examination.

Getting Burned out, having low energy, going downward spiral- these things don’t happen overnight.

They happen for various reasons like these 2: when it’s all work, no play. Or when there’s an accumulation of issues that were not fully processed, faced, and understood.

The moment you feel that something is bothering you, you start to realize that it is your own issue reflected on you by others.

Even if, the issue was started by another person and you just got dragged into it, but if it got on your nerves, it could be your own unsettled issue that’s just resurfacing, thru other people.

And as weird as it may sound, that’s a good thing because you are given the opportunity to examine yourself and find a way to resolve that within you. Or with another person.

But Trix, what if there’s an issue around me but I’m NOT affected by it?
Then, it is not yours. It is theirs.

You see, inner self-examination is needed to address issues that could help you shift your limiting beliefs to empowering ones.

From thinking the likes of:
“I’m having a hard time closing deals because I’m still young” to…
“I’m learning so much right now as a youngster in my field and my age won’t be a hindrance to me closing these deals!”

From thinking…
“It’s impossible for me to hit the target that my manager wants because I’m old and not equipped enough”…to thinking…
“I am making it possible to hit the number that I want because I am wiser in years. Everything I need is in me and I am making myself fully equipped!”

Or from thinking…
“My dreams are so hard to reach” to…
“Everything I need is coming to me now. All things in my Vision board are manifesting one by one. For my own and the good of others!”
How about you, what belief are you challenging yourself with that can help you have your energy back?

I hope these first 2 tips are not too much for today.
But if you ask me, so Trix how do I sustain all these? How can I make the application of all these tips realistic and practical?

You see, Tip #3 won’t take long because we go back to basics.

I understand the majority of our GNP readers are working from home and now transitioning to smart working.
Now, this is a short yet practical reminder for you to make sure you secure your essentials at all times.
I am talking about sleep. Food. Water. Physical activity. Proper breathing. And whatever or whoever helps you become happier.

If your essentials are in order, that will greatly have a positive effect on your performance both in your professional and personal life.

So if you have been feeling a little guilty for doing something for yourself, for taking care of yourself, please don’t. You are doing your family, your clients, and this country a favor!

By doing something for yourself every day, you are setting healthy boundaries.
And more importantly, you are either realigning with the Universe or staying aligned with the mission that your Creator has given you.

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