Butz Bartolome: Strengthening Your Food Business

Butz Bartolome: Strengthening Your Food Business
Butz Bartolome shares business advice.

Starting your business is just the first step in making your dreams a reality.

Your work is never done being an entrepreneur. You always need to find ways on how to make your business appealing to the public so that you maintain your spot in the market and can further encourage more people to check your products and services.

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We know that one of the best businesses to get involved with is the food business. You can just imagine how the food cart franchise business has boomed for the past years. We also know how Filipinos would love to buy from these food carts and most particularly from street food vendors which are very affordable (well, the sanitation may be questionable, but for the ordinary Filipino, it is enough to get him by for the rest of the day).

And just like any business, the food business is not free from having to go through some rough times. Therefore, you need to do something to push your business further and not be left behind by your competitors. So, what do you do?

First and foremost, always be truthful to your customers. Never create imaginary dishes to make your menu look amazing, only to find out that the food described on your menu or even how it is presented is far from reality. An “instagrammable” food presentation should be and instantly encourage people to come and visit your restaurant.

Customers want value for their money. Therefore, pricing your food correctly is important. Consider the area and the kind of people that walks into your restaurant. Make your prices as affordable as possible. (Your focus should be on the financial capacity of an ordinary Juan)

You can make your business as unique as possible to tickle the minds of your customers. Choose regional cuisine, which you can slowly introduce to your customers. Make sure that you prepare them in a way that could truly be appreciated along with cooking.

Some restaurants fail to see that being in a food business, you should also consider having in-house food stylists and copywriters that would help you in promoting your business. Food is also considered an art. Therefore, making press releases about your latest products should be truly inviting.

Should you consider making a few changes in your food business, make sure that you still keep the good points that you have become known for and strengthen your brand in a way that can easily divert “non-believers” to become your loyal customers.

Promote. Promote. Just because you see a full house each night doesn’t mean that you should stop making efforts on how you can encourage more people to check out your restaurant. Remember that there are so many restaurants these days and making having loyal customers is almost impossible to have since there are so many restaurants that they can go to. Therefore, always create something that would make people flock to your restaurants like giving special discounts on certain occasions.

Lastly, make your customers feel being valued. Improve your customer service. Remember that your customers will be your walking advertisement. Whether you provide them with the best or the worst, the word can get around.

Food entrepreneurs should always be on their feet to find endless ways on how to sustain their businesses. One should not feel too comfortable as the competition is truly great. Any entrepreneur should put his heart into the business to make the business succeed.

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