De La Salle University renames College of Law in honor of Filipino nationalists Tañada, Diokno

De La Salle University  College of Law Tañada, Diokno
The DLSU College of Law now bears the names of Jose “Ka Pepe” Diokno and Lorenzo “Ka Tanny” Tañada Sr. Bantayog and DLSU photos.

De La Salle University (DLSU) in Manila has renamed its College of Law to the Tañada-Diokno College of Law in honor of Filipino nationalists Lorenzo “Ka Tanny” Tañada Sr. and Jose “Ka Pepe” Diokno.

Both Tañada Sr. and Diokno are products of De La Salle College and have been hailed as patriots, nationalists, and lawyers whose lives exemplify the ideals and values of true Lasallians.

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The naming of the De La Salle University Tañada-Diokno College of Law was held on February 26, 2022, and commemorated by a virtual marker. It was the highlight of the celebration of the 100th birth anniversary of Ka Pepe, aside from the launch of the book Jose W. Diokno / Pamana, written by Prof. Maria Socorro Diokno, one of Ka Pepe’s daughters.

Through its Tañada-Diokno College of Law, De La Salle University seeks to mold future lawyers who will emulate the love of God and the country of these two exemplary Lasallians.

Lorenzo Martinez Tañada, Sr. graduated at the top of his high school class in De La Salle College in 1918. He obtained his law degree from the University of the Philippines and later earned advanced degrees in law from Harvard Law School and the University of Santo Tomas. Ka Tanny served as a Solicitor General, Special Prosecutor, judge, and Senator of the Republic.

Jose Wright Diokno graduated from the high school of De La Salle College and later earned his degree in commerce, summa cum laude, also at De La Salle College in 1940. He topped the CPA licensure exams immediately after graduation. After being granted a special dispensation by the Supreme Court to sit for the bar exams without finishing a law degree, he topped the bar exams administered in1944. Ka Pepe distinguished himself as a lawyer, Secretary of Justice, and Senator of the Republic.

The patriotism of these two Lasallians was at its pinnacle in the struggle against the dictatorship and repression from the 1970s to the 1980s. Ka Pepe was one of the many individuals thrown in jail by President Marcos in 1972. Ka Tanny was his lawyer. They were both active in the parliament of the streets, asserted national sovereignty, and defended the most vulnerable.

They were founding members of the Free Legal Assistance Group, a nationwide organization of human rights lawyers in the Philippines, where Ka Pepe was elected as chair. Ka Tanny and Ka Pepe, two friends who collaborated on many endeavors, causes, cases, advocacies, were joined by their love for the Filipino people.

Revamped website, DLSU Law Clinic online presence

The De La Salle University Tañada-Diokno College of Law revamped its website and launched the website of the DLSU Law Clinic in time for the renaming of the College last February 26.

The updated website features the history, identity, campus, program, and curriculum of the college. Administration and faculty profiles give a glimpse of the legal luminaries in the College. The website also contains information on the admission requirements and application process for those interested in pursuing law for the upcoming academic year.

The occasion also marked the launch of the web presence of the DLSU Law Clinic (DLC). As the full-service law office of De La Salle University Tañada-Diokno College of Law, the DLC, formerly the Developmental Legal Advocacy Clinic, is the venue for the students to become law student practitioners in preparation for a fulfilling legal career. One of the few law schools with a full-blown mandatory clinical legal education program, the DLC of the Tañada-Diokno College of Law adheres to the Revised Student Practice Rule issued by the Philippine Supreme Court.

Since 2013, the DLC has been at the forefront of molding lawyers deeply committed to promoting and protecting human rights.

The DLC website features its primary services, legal aid materials, primers, and educational videos. The website also gives a background on the team of supervising lawyers.

Tañada Sr. and Diokno were celebrated as Lasallian heroes against Martial Law during the 2021 International Day of Peace.

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