DLSU Manila’s Angelo Casimiro turns recyclables into motion-sensor alcohol dispenser

Angelo Casimiro motion-sensor alcohol dispenser
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De La Salle University (DLSU) Manila student Angelo Casimiro has turned recyclable materials into a hands-free motion-sensor alcohol dispenser for protection against COVID-19 infection.

The Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) student posted the video tutorial of his dispenser invention in TikTok on June 22, 2020, using coffee jars, old USB cables, and plastic tubes and set it up with a pump, transistor, and low-cost motion sensors.

The popular vlogger and inventor thought of his new project during the lockdown and encourages his followers to make their own alcohol dispensers while at home.

“Build the cheapest DIY Automated Alcohol Dispenser! (for less than $3 or 150 pesos) It’s a cheaper alternative for developing countries who needs equipment to combat against Covid,” said Casimiro on his Facebook.

Prior to his dispenser invention, Angelo also made a Tiktok video that spreads awareness on proper hygiene such as hand washing/sanitizing to avoid COVID-19 infection.

Casimiro has been known for his videos on Tiktok and Youtube featuring his cool inventions and sharing them online which earned him more than 400,000 subscribers.

The engineering student has already invented the DIY power bank, DIY ring light, water-powered flashlight, working life-sized Star Wars BB8 Droid, which he made out of a beach ball, paper-mâché, and Styrofoam since he was 10 years old.

Angelo Casimiro has also been recognized at Google Science Fair Philippines for his electricity-generating in-sole footwear which could charge a cell phone.

Casimiro encouraged all aspiring young Pinoy inventors out there saying, “Start small, try to think out of the box. If you fail, ‘wag ka madismaya (… do not be dismayed).”

A LEGO robot alcohol dispenser was also created by the Philippine Robotics National Team of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc. (DYCI) in Bulacan for correct, no wastage hand-washing.

WATCH Angelo Casimiro’s tutorial video for the DIY recyclables motion-sensor alcohol dispenser and SEND CHEERS in the comments below!

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