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From Cebu to California: How Kian Bayno Scored a 19 Million Pesos Scholarship and Plans to Build a Better Philippines

Kian Bayno 19 Million Pesos Scholarship
Learn how Kian’s passion for good governance and dedication to building a better Philippines led him to his dream school, Pitzer College, and explore his insights on education, volunteerism, and achieving dreams abroad. Photo from Kian Bayno.

When Kian Maximus Torróntegui Bayno, a young Cebuano student, shared his college admissions journey on Facebook in April 2023, his excitement was palpable. “A dream came true for me very recently,” Kian wrote, announcing that he had not only been accepted into five top local and overseas universities but had also been offered over 27.8 million pesos in scholarships.

Kian’s post, brimming with gratitude for everyone who had supported him throughout his journey, echoed a powerful message of hope and possibility. His story is a testament to the resilience, ambition, and potential of Filipino youth. As Kian prepares to commence his studies at the top 30 liberal arts college, Pitzer College in California, he carries with him not just the pride of his achievements, but a vision for his homeland.

Kian, a recent graduate of Maria Montessori International School in Cebu City, managed to secure a highly competitive full-ride scholarship at Pitzer College, a prestigious institution known for its vibrant intellectual community. He is set to study double majors in BA Economics and BA Public Policy Analysis and has ambitions to help the Philippines uphold good governance when he returns after his overseas studies.

“I plan to return to the Philippines so I can join in building a more just and democratic society with a government that is truly in the service of the Filipino people,” Kian stated in his Facebook post.

The Road to Success

Kian’s journey to Pitzer wasn’t easy. As a student from a small school outside Metro Manila, he knew that the odds were stacked against him. “Only the most selective schools give out full rides to a tiny minority of international applicants,” he explained.

During an exclusive Q&A with GNP, Kian shed light on his application process, emphasizing the essential role played by his family, friends, and educational advisors.

“I did most of the research on schools and scholarship opportunities by myself,” reveals Kian. “I really wasn’t expecting to get accepted. I had to submit 3 essays, 3 recommendation letters from my teachers, 1 from my guidance counselor, and 1 from my classmate.”

“But I had a huge helping hand from my advisor at EducationUSA Philippines who helped refine my application and essays, suggested even more opportunities, and connected me with Filipinos already studying in the US,” he shared. “I could always count on my mentor to guide me in navigating the American admissions process,” Kian shared about the help he received from EducationUSA Philippines, a network of international student advising centers on U.S. higher education.

His work paid off as evidenced by Pitzer’s admission letter praising Kian’s “values, ethics, and conviction as a justice seeker,” which he embodied in his essays. In addition to his dream college, Kian Bayno was welcomed by the University of Alabama, University of British Columbia, University of South Florida, University of the Philippines Cebu, De La Salle University, and Ateneo de Manila University.

Helping Others to Dream Big

Besides achieving his dream, Kian has also committed himself to helping other Filipino students find their path to success. He stated in the interview: “I want other Filipino students looking to apply to schools abroad to receive the same support I did, which is why I’ve recently started working as a mentor with CAUSE Philippines.” CAUSE Philippines is a non-profit that offers a free mentorship program for primarily low-income Filipinos who want to study abroad.

When asked about his tips for others, Kian emphasized the importance of seeking help from organizations like Education USA, CAUSE Philippines, or College Admissions Mentors for Peers in the Philippines (CAMP). “The Filipino international student is super welcoming and open to helping others find the same opportunities we did.”

Investing in the Future

Kian’s passion for education doesn’t stop at personal achievement. He has plans to contribute to the Philippines, especially in governance. His volunteer work during the 2022 elections illustrates his determination to make a difference. “[I saw] the sheer power of volunteerism,” Kian shared with Good News Pilipinas. “I’m hoping to learn more about mass organizing in my time abroad.”

In spite of the countless opportunities offered abroad, Kian has his sights firmly set on home. When asked by GNP whether his scholarship had conditions to stay in the U.S. after graduating, Kian confirmed it did not, allowing him to bring his overseas education back to the Philippines.

Kian’s journey, although extraordinary, is just one example of what Filipino students can achieve with the right support and determination. As he embarks on his next chapter in California, his eyes remain locked on a future where he can use his education to contribute to good governance in the Philippines.

Kian’s closing words in his Facebook post ring with optimism for the future. “Dreams do come true — you just have to believe in yourself and what you’re capable of!” Indeed, Kian’s story is a stirring reminder of just that — an inspiring tale of a Cebuano youth who dared to dream big and is now on his way to making those dreams a reality.

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