What Did the ‘Good Boy’ Reveal in Manila? Kim Seon-ho’s Second Visit Unveils More Than You Think!

‘Good Boy’ Kim Seon-ho
Explore the vivid details of South Korean actor Kim Seon-ho’s unforgettable second visit to Manila. From a heartwarming fan meeting to an insightful interview with Rico Hizon, this feature uncovers the ‘Good Boy’s’ love for the Philippines and his connection with his fans. A must-read for Kdrama enthusiasts and Kim Seon-ho admirers. Photos from Kim Seon-ho’s Instagram and screengrabs from The Final Word and The Childe.

Kim Seon-ho, fondly known to his fans as the “Good Boy”, has once again graced the shores of the Philippines, marking his second visit in the span of just seven months. The echoes of the love and warmth were palpable, and the actor’s connection with his legions of fans was, once again, a sight to behold.

Following his euphoric “One, Two, Three. Smile” event at the full-packed Mall of Asia Arena in January, his anticipated return was marked by the “Love to Meet Our Good Boy” fan meeting held on July 22, 2023, at the pulsating heart of Manila, in the full capacity-filled Smart Araneta Coliseum.

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Love, Music, and Art – A Truly Versatile Actor

Kim Seon-ho’s presence has a magnetic pull for Filipinos, attracting a colossal fanbase that resonates globally. His riveting performances have painted him a fan-favorite, and a place in the hearts of millions. His portrayal of the adorable yet mysterious handyman Chief Hong Du-sik in “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” has given him a unique place in the world of Kdrama.

But perhaps his groundbreaking role as the “Good Boy” is what truly captured hearts in the Philippines, reportedly Kim Seon-ho’s largest fanbase outside Korea. His heart-wrenching portrayal of the rags-to-riches selfless investor Han Ji-pyeong in the global hit “Start-Up”, caused a major case of second lead syndrome and even inspired Filipino band Sponge Cola to pen the hauntingly beautiful “Siguro Nga” and a music video homage to what-ifs and lost love. His “Good Boy” character did not get the girl but the fan-love given to his persona led to a Filipino adaptation that made Seon-ho’s character the male lead, portrayed by Alden Richards.

His return to Manila followed the July screening in the Philippines of his debut feature film, “The Childe”. In it, Kim Seon-ho deftly plays the role of a Kopino – a Korean Pilipino assassin, speaking Tagalog lines that resonate with his character’s complex emotions: “Ngumiti ka naman d’yan. Ako bahala sa ‘yo (Smile. I’ll take care of you).”

A Candid Chat with Rico Hizon

One of Kim Seon-ho’s notable stops during his visit was an engaging interview with Rico Hizon on The Final Word, CNN Philippines. The conversation was a delightful mixture of earnest responses and lighthearted banter, offering insights into Kim’s thoughts and experiences.

At the start of the program, Kim greeted everyone with a lively “Mabuhay,” sharing his happiness and honor to be featured on CNN Philippines. When asked about his expectations for his second visit, he expressed his desire to explore the cities of the Philippines and sample the vibrant street food scene.

“Well, during my first visit, I didn’t really have much time. But on this second visit, I have some time. So I’m really really happy and excited to go around the cities of the Philippines like Manila, and eat some street food as well, and have a good time.”

Asked about Filipino delicacies he’s eager to try, Seon-ho didn’t hesitate: “Halo-halo,” he exclaimed, reflecting his fascination with local flavors. When asked about filming a project in the Philippines, he promptly chose Manila, a city that seems to have captured his heart.

His versatility as an actor was praised by Rico, and Kim acknowledged the challenge in his roles, especially the fear of heights he overcame in “The Childe.”

On a lighter note, the conversation steered towards Seon-ho’s personal life. Revealing his favorite pastime, he spoke fondly of his recent addition to the family, his pet dog, with whom he enjoys serene walks.

A Connection that Transcends Borders

Kim’s visit was not just a fleeting encounter but a heartfelt connection that transcended borders and cultural differences. His vibrant interaction with his fans, combined with his authentic expressions in the interview, painted an unforgettable picture of a star deeply rooted in his craft yet humble in his approach.

As he thanked his Filipino fans, his words left an indelible mark:

“Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I feel so happy because of the passion and the warm welcome of the Filipino fans. I will try my best to come to the Philippines more often. Thank you so much for your support as well. And whatever you’re going through in life, personal or not, I hope that you will always be happy. Thank you so much.”

In those shared moments, Kim Seon-ho proved that the title of “Good Boy” extends beyond his roles, reaching into the very essence of who he is. His second meeting with his fans in the Philippines was not just an event; it was a celebration of love, culture, and connection that will linger long in the memories of those who were part of it.

There’s no denying the impact of Kim Seon-ho’s magnetic charm and sterling talent. His journey in the Philippines is a testament to the universal language of storytelling, transcending borders and uniting cultures. Filipinos worldwide eagerly anticipate his next steps, etching an indelible imprint of “Good Boy” Kim Seon-ho in their hearts.

WATCH the interview with Rico Hizon on The Final Word here and TELL US in the comments below what you love about Kim Seon-ho!

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