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How AUTOmoBILIco CARKUYA Started Business | Butz Bartolome

Butz Bartolome shares business advice.

There are times in our life when we often get something unexpected. Starting from simple dreams and goals, those who did make a better version of themselves reap the fruits of their labor in heaps. This is one story that everyone should be inspired by. How a simple car wash owner turned into one of the successful entrepreneurs of our time…. Meet Bernard Liberia, the fearless visionary behind the success of Automobilico.

He is known to be true to the bone car enthusiast CarKuya who worked with Mitsubishi Motors dealership for 8 years. With his experience in managing brand new cars, there were just a few differences in selling pre-owned cars. His enthusiasm has brought him to greater heights; thus, Automobilico has been in business for 18 years. He ensures that Automobilico offers the best quality of products and services. That has gained customer loyalty over the years. Thus, making Automobilico a household name synonymous with dependability and innovation.

With just a capital of Php28,000.00, Bernard started with a carwash business. Thinking of trying out another means of income by selling one unit of a pre-owned car. He then thought of making it another company since the car trade industry was yearning for this type of business. Being one of the pioneers of selling pre-owned cars gave him the edge. It was a rough start since it was massive pressure on his part to raise more capital. To acquire inventory and at the same time to have a decent car showroom. It was like going through a narrow road before collaborating with SM management. The biggest hurdle was proving the company’s trustworthiness in a car industry that bears a negative impression.

As the carwash business started to take a back seat, the selling of the pre-owned cars accelerated at an impressive speed. With the patience and perseverance of just any strong-minded entrepreneur, selling more pre-owned cars became Bernard’s forerunner business. It required him to take a considerable venture of renting a space in SM Bicutan – known to date as the home and headquarters of Automobilico.

By 2013, Automobilico was registered as a privately held corporation from the partnership business category in 2001 under BBL Automobilico Car Exchange and Restoration. Since then, Automobilico expanded from one showroom to opening several others – SM Southmall, SM BF, and SM Novaliches. As time passed, Automobilico no longer just sells pre-owned cars but has shifted its gears into buying cars as well.

They are now offering rapid appraisal and payment to customers based on the quality and condition of the vehicle. Upholding their assurance of providing quality service. This has built a solid and trustworthy relationship with financial and insurance companies that agree with their vision. To offer financing and insurance at competitive prices without sacrificing quality and integrity.

The company name, Automobilico, was inspired by a street moniker for “auto-mo-bibilhin-ko.” it became synonymous with trust and transparency as it reached out to the Filipino family. That dreamed of owning a car without breaking the entire household savings. The dream of owning a car has become a reality for the hardworking middle class. And with this, Bernard, together with his wife Meg, is very grateful. They have acknowledged their strong faith in God as their armor and foundation, which has helped them keep their business afloat after many years.

Automobilico did not stop from just buying and selling pre-owned cars. But offered additional services that have not transformed into a full-service pre-owned car dealership. To date, Automobilico offers six major services:

  • AutomoLoanCoAutomoLinisCo
  • AutomoLakadCo
  • AutomoInsureCo
  • AutomoDeliverCo
  • AutomoGawaCo

Apart from the services mentioned, Automobilico has also allowed car consignment. This provides car sellers extreme flexibility and visibility to posting their cars on the company’s high-traffic website for free or in one of the showrooms. All services are carefully designed, thought of, and rolled out by the company’s core team, with the customers in mind. These services have complimented the company’s extensive three criteria set by CARKUYA: SIGURADO. CLARO. WARANTISADO.

It will always be an uncertain road in the world of entrepreneurship, and only the bravest of hearts can take on the challenge. Winners are not made with weak hearts but willing ones. This is what has set Automobilico apart from the beginning; a brave, generous heart bound by a great God to serve others guided by integrity and hard work.

Looking bright ahead, the Company has now opened more enormous doors by sharing with other dreamers a franchising opportunity of Automobilico. This will give entrepreneurs a chance to manage their very own one-stop-shop of pre-owned cars. Bernard Liberia the CarKuya assure future franchisees of a stress-free setup. They operate together and share time-tested trade secrets that made Automobilico the number one pre-owned car dealer in the Philippines.

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