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How Did 3 UP Campuses Secure Top 10 Spots in EduRank 2023? Find Out Now

UP Campuses EduRank 2023
What’s the Secret Behind UP System Universities Dominating EduRank 2023 Top 10? School logos.

The University of the Philippines (UP) System has once again proven its academic excellence, with three of its constituent universities landing in the top 10 of EduRank’s 2023 rankings for the Philippines.

UP Diliman, UP Manila, and UP Los Baños have earned their place among the country’s best educational institutions on EduRank. But what exactly sets these universities apart? Let’s dive into the factors that propelled them to the top of the independent metric-based rankings based on 14,131 universities across 183 countries.

UP Diliman: The Undisputed Leader (#378 in Asia, #1380 in the World)

UP Diliman in Quezon City leads the pack, ranking first in the Philippines, 378th in Asia, and 1,380th in the world. It has also gained global recognition, ranking 240th in wildlife and fisheries management and conservation. A strong research output, non-academic prominence, and influential alumni have all contributed to UP Diliman’s success.

UP Manila: The Health Sciences Powerhouse (#814 in Asia, #2686 in the World)

Coming in at the fifth spot is UP Manila in Padre Faura, an institution known for its focus on health sciences. With its position as the 814th best university in Asia and 2,686th in the world, UP Manila has established itself as a center of academic excellence and research prowess in the medical field.

UP Los Baños: The Green Innovator (#878 in Asia, #2819 in the World)

UP Los Baños in Laguna, known for its strong emphasis on agriculture and environmental sciences, secures the sixth spot in the Philippine rankings. It is ranked 878th in Asia and 2,819th in the world, a testament to its commitment to research, innovation, and sustainability.

The Secret Sauce: Research Outputs, Non-Academic Prominence, and Alumni Influence

EduRank determines its rankings by analyzing 373K citations received by 30.4K academic publications made by 229 Philippine universities, the popularity of 889 recognized alumni, and the largest reference database available. This comprehensive approach ensures a fair and accurate assessment of the top universities in the country.

The achievements of the three UP System universities in the EduRank 2023 rankings are a testament to their dedication to academic excellence, research, and innovation. By excelling in research outputs, non-academic prominence, and alumni influence, these institutions continue to make a difference in the lives of their students and the wider community. The University of the Philippines System’s success in the rankings is an inspiration for other educational institutions in the country and serves as a benchmark for academic excellence.

Joining the 3 UP campuses in the top 10 are: De La Salle University, Ateneo De Manila University, University of Santo Tomas, University of San Carlos, Mindanao State University, Asian Institute of Management, and Mapua University. UP Visayas in Iloilo City is the top university in the Western Visayas region.

1| University of the Philippines Diliman (#378 in Asia, #1380 in the World)
2| De La Salle University (#462 in Asia, #1643 in the World)
3| Ateneo De Manila University (#545 in Asia, #1878 in the World)
4| University of Santo Tomas (#781 in Asia, #2575 in the World)
5| University of the Philippines Manila (#814 in Asia, #2686 in the World
6| University of the Philippines Los Banos (#878 in Asia, #2819 in the World)
7| University of San Carlos (#1280 in Asia, #3838 in the World)
8| Mindanao State University (#1528 in Asia, #4407 in the World)
9| Asian Institute of Management (#1536 in Asia, #4424 in the World)
10| Mapua University (#1571 in Asia, #4512 in the World)

Check out the Full List of the Top 100 Philippine universities on EduRank 2023:

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