Nas Daily’s Academy taps twelve Filipino creators to teach online courses

Nas Daily's Academy online courses
Facebook celebrity Nas Daily has spotlighted twelve Filipino creators who will be launching courses at Nas Academy. Photos from Nas Academy, Nas Daily FB.

Viral Facebook star Nas Daily has tapped twelve celebrity Filipinos to create courses for his online creator school, Nas Academy.

Palestinian-Israeli vlogger Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily shared the good news about bringing Nas Academy to the Philippines and launching twelve academies by the best Filipino creators.

“Nas Academy is launching 12 new academies by the best Filipino Creators!” Nuseir “Nas” Yassin announced on Facebook on June 26, 2021.

Among the creators featured by Nas Academy is Filipina Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, multi-awarded broadcast journalist Jessica Soho, Dubai-based couturier Michael Cinco, celebrity chef Erwan Heussaff, pop singer Moira Dela Torre, Kalinga tattoo legend Apo Whang-Od, and wealth management guru Chinkee Tan.

“Each one of them will be teaching Content Creation, Journalism, Finance, Design, Art, and a lot more!” Nas added.

Here is the list of Filipino creators offering courses at Nas Academy:

  • Catriona Gray – “How To Be a Queen”
  • Jessica Soho – “Jessica Soho Teaches Broadcast Journalism”
  • Michael Cinco – “Michael Cinco Teaches Fashion”
  • Erwan Heussaff – “Erwan Heussaff Teaches Content Creation”
  • Moira Dela Torre – “Moira Dela Torre Teaches Songwriting”
  • Whang-od – “Whang-od Teaches Traditional Tattooing”
    Anthony Francisco – “How To Draw From Your Imagination”
  • Jason Magbanua – “How To Be A Visual Storyteller”
  • Chinkee Tan – “How To Be Wise With Money”
  • Carlo Ople – “Build A Creator Business”
  • James Deakin – “James Deakin Teaches Effective Communication”
  • Mav’s Phenomenal Basketball – “Mav Teaches Basketball”

“Nas Academy helps the best people in the world start their own Academies and become TEACHERS,” Nas said.

Those who are interested can now sign up for the waitlist on the Nas Academy website here.

Daily video creator, traveler, and Facebook celebrity Nas Daily, who has affirmed his love for the Philippines, founded the eLearning platform to help creators become educators and build effective online courses for students worldwide.

Nas Daily started an all-Filipino language Facebook page to cater to audiences in the Philippines where he first gained popularity.

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