Take care of you and your frustrations

Take care of you and your frustrations
New tips and tricks from Positivitrix Trixie Esguerra. Photo from Positivitrix

When I was younger and I get frustrated, I would bury that feeling and tell myself that I’ll just handle it next time, since I am too busy, and I’m still okay.

Obviously, the same thing would happen again. And again. All because I was not facing the situation. I was not breaking the pattern. I was not after the long-term solution.

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As I grow wiser (aka older :), I realized how liberating it is to face my fears, my frustrations, my pains, and everything else that would challenge my peace.

In every situation, I would allow myself to react, have enough time to feel & recover. Then, I would ask… “What is this teaching me?” That’s how I get to know the solution to my frustration. That’s how I get the opportunity to end my frustration.

With these said, this August, allow me to help you address 1 or 2 of your possible frustrations. Without having to go through the ugly experience again!

If you are frustrated with staying disciplined, having more confidence, or even waiting for the one, then, this is a chance to address them!

Free admission on my pocket workshops on Self Discipline (Aug 12) & on Self Confidence (Aug 26)!

Free access to the Single Ladies Law of Attraction Workshop (Aug 14) and….

If you are keen on finally being found by the “One” sooner than later, this Single Ladies Pajama Vision Board Workshop is for you! (Aug 28- Early Bird Fee is only P1850 until Aug 20; but limited seats only!)

​Sign up on all or any of the events below, agad-agad! 30 seats per event only!

Aug 12: 5 ways to improve self Discipline (Free)
Aug 14: Single Ladies Law of Attraction Workshop (Free) Aug 26: Free 3 Tricks to Achieve Solid Confidence (Free) AUG 28: SINGLE LADIES Pajama Vision Board Party (Early Bird Rate P1850 until Aug 20!)

Together, let’s take care of our challenges & frustrations one by one.

MORE about Vision Boards here and here:

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