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Why I Think Environmental Scientist Janice Lao is a Hero

Environmental Scientist Janice Lao
Janice Lao is the only Filipina among the 26 women featured in the book, Everyday Superheroes. Credits to Janice Lao.

I’m writing this because its National Heroes Day in the Philippines! (yay!)

So, I got this book titled “Everyday Superheroes” that features Filipina scientist Janice Lao.

The book says that Janice Lao is an “environmental scientist with a mind for business” as she works with hotels in Asia. It goes on to say how hotels take up a lot of land and the many people who stay in them create a lot of waste.

Many people who visit hotels usually leave their lights on, keep the aircon or heating on even though they are out of their room, which is wasting energy. They also use up a lot of towels, blankets, pillows, and bedsheets. And Janice Lao tells people not to waste so much energy!

She asks hotel guests to reuse towels and bedsheets and to use less water. She helps a hotel tells others to turn off the aircon or the heater when they leave their rooms.

I think what she’s doing makes her a hero.

She’s one of the 26 women around the world who are called Everyday Superheroes! I think you should think she’s a hero too!

Environmental Scientist Janice Lao
Janice Lao signed a copy of the book for Agnes Hannah saying she hoped the author would love science. Credits to Author.

Hello Ms. Janice! Thank you for telling me that one day I might find the magic in science! Maybe one day I’ll be a superhero like you! I think science is cool, I like seeing how plants grow! I also like space science, and I do like science! I’m crazy about computers, and I sometimes code on Scratch! Computers are cool, and they let you make friends all around the world! I learned many things with the computer, and I also make art using the computer!

I hope that parents from all around the world let their kids read this article and read the book of Janice Lao so kids become smarter, and the parents too! I hope they get inspiration from me so they can write articles like I do and love science like Janice Lao!

(Janice Lao is one of the featured women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers in Everyday Superheroes, written by Erin Twamley and Joshua Sneideman, with illustrations by A Collective, and released by Wise Ink Creative Publishing. She is the first Filipino and Asian to win the Edie Award for Sustainability. She was also cited by Forbes as a top global sustainability expert. Janice Lao was recently featured on a STEM trading card!)

(Agnes Hannah Q. Balibay is a Filipino Pride young advocate who has written about being inspired by Mikey Bustos, the 1,000-day law that keeps babies healthy, and the school in bag initiative for remote communities in the Philippines.)

SEND cheers in the comments below for Janice Lao and Agnes Hannah, Filipinas who love science (and art)!

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