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A Former Kitchen Crew to Successful Entrepreneur | Butz Bartolome

Cypher Learning
Cypher Learning
Successful Entrepreneur Butz Bartolome
Butz Bartolome shares business advice.

A complete leap of faith is just what one needs to reach his goal.

A very persevering individual will reap so many fruits for as long as he keeps his faith and pushes himself to become better. We have heard so many success stories of SMEs, and the level of Mr. Rolly Divino, Jr is no exception. Let me share how his small business turned into a very successful food cart business today.

Rolly Divino Jr. started his siomai business on July 29, 2009, from only 1kg of pork in consignment basis transactions. He was the only person in charge in all his business aspects – in purchasing, production, delivery, and collection with no machinery available, which he considers the “hardest of all.” As the years went by, orders increased, which enabled him to hire and train people to be his assistants. The demands pushed him to develop and grow; thus, Buk-an’s Siomai & Food cart was born on February 28, 2012, as DTI registered business name was known. Using the tagline “Tilawi lang!” Buk-an’s Siomai offers mouth-watering Siomai, Siopao, & other products made from 100% quality local pork, which kept the customers coming back.

However, challenges and trials in the business are inevitable, such as the unintentional penalty over BIR dues and failed business expansion investment. He has no formal training and knowledge on how to run the business properly. Fortunately, this DTI program Kapatid Mentor Me Program (DTI-KMME), taught short-term business management such as developing proper mindset, operations, accounting/recording, and human resource management to MSME’s entrepreneurs like him. Also, the increase in capital approved by DTI-SBC through cash loan and DOST SetUP Program in terms of machinery upgrade fueled him to grow further. The business then expanded from 80 sq. meter kitchen-type business to 341 sq. meter Production Plant.

This proves just how great a product is….no giant advertisements are needed.

As the business grew, it started supplying all 8 Iloilo Supermart branches and various food carts within Iloilo City, Iloilo Provinces, Guimaras. and Antique. After that, the company launched its own food cart brand on September 22, 2017, in Mohon, Arevalo, Iloilo City, with a trial and error approach.

Perfecting the system and working it out entails transferring the site, changing and adding products, and learning the costing and marketing strategies. The most significant dilemma that will be encountered is an unstoppable increase of up to 40% in the price of local pork and difficulties in handling employees. Despite all these, it did not stop him from pursuing the business. The burning passion for succeeding will not simply die down because of his principle. “CUSTOMER FIRST POLICY,” putting the customers on top priority, then the welfare of other businesses or the supplied outlets and eventually the employees who benefit from engaging with his business. Lastly, believing that hard work will pay off with “sikap at tamang Diskarte” plus “tiwala,” sa Diyos. Rolly Divino Jr. continues to endure hurdles, whatever it takes him.

Valuable Lessons Earned by Successful Entrepreneurs

The very first thing that people would notice from a successful entrepreneur is that it has started making a lot of money, which is true. But to be able to gain all of those, an entrepreneur needs to go through a lot of struggles and challenges that slowly molded him to become what he is today. Dreaming of becoming successful one day is mostly what we all have in mind. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the guts to face all adversities. There are just a few chosen lucky ones who succeed in any endeavor.

I don’t believe in such luck because whatever you have become today results from what you do. Naturally, if you put a lot of effort into something you are interested in, you would eventually see that your business would grow. And that is precisely what Mr. Rolly Divino, Jr. did. Giving up was far from his mind because he wanted to give a better future for his family. And with his hard work, he did not only help his family but also became instrumental in helping others succeed.

For some, reaching their goal may just make them feel happy living with it. But for some, for as long as the entrepreneurs live, they will continue to strive. And find other means to leave a legacy.

Rolly and Melody participated in the “My Franchise My Work” program conducted by the Franchise Guru. Rigid and intensive, yet in the end, the couple learned every detail in crafting their Franchise business.

You can never rush things to transpire. It takes a lot of time and effort to make things possible. It is all in God’s perfect time.

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