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Meet the extraordinary Filipinos who made 2023 brighter for the nation.

In this sixth installment of the “2023 Year in Review: 100 Inspiring Stories of Filipino Pride” series on GoodNewsPilipinas.com, we turn to the people who gave hope to the nation. These Top 10 Pinoys were beloved the most among our many stories of dreams and success achieved through perseverance.

These Filipinos shone brightly both at home and on the global stage, demonstrating the resilience, talent, and spirit of the people of the Philippines. We celebrate these Top 10 outstanding individuals from GoodNewsPilipinas.com’s Good Pinoys section which showcases their inspirational journeys and achievements.

The Top 10 Inspiring Filipino Stories of 2023:

  1. Simone Balaba’s Journey to Success
    • “Cebu island girl Simone Balaba offered 55M worth of scholarships to 9 US colleges”
      Simone Gabrielle Balaba, a high school senior from Cebu, Philippines, has been offered scholarships totaling over PHP 55 million from nine U.S. colleges. Despite not being a typical STEM student, Balaba’s hard work and aspirations to study abroad led to her receiving offers from universities like Augustana College, DePaul University, and others. These scholarships cover tuition and other expenses. Balaba now seeks support for additional costs such as books and travel. Her story is a testament to her dedication and the support of her community.
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  2. Julian Martir’s Remarkable Achievement
    • “Tricycle Driver’s Son Defies Odds: Filipino Student Julian Martir Accepted to 30 US & UK Universities with 2M Dollars in Scholarships – Find Out How He Did It!”
      The article from GoodNewsPilipinas.com celebrates the remarkable achievements of Julian Martir, a 20-year-old Filipino student and son of a tricycle driver, who has been accepted into 30 universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. He has also been awarded scholarships totaling nearly $2 million. Julian, a graduate of Negros Occidental High School in Bacolod City, overcame significant challenges, including navigating the complex undergraduate admissions process and writing over 100 essays. His hard work paid off with acceptances from institutions like Ohio Wesleyan University, Clarkson University, Hofstra University, and the University of Connecticut. Julian plans to attend Connecticut College, pursuing a double major in mathematics and computer science. His inspiring journey underscores the power of determination and resilience in achieving one’s dreams.
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  3. Aryenne Ysabelle Rodrigo’s Scholarly Pursuit
    • “What Did Farmer’s Daughter Aryenne Ysabelle Rodrigo Do to Get 8 Scholarships to America’s Elite Universi_ties?”
      Aryenne Ysabelle Rodrigo, an 18-year-old farmer’s daughter from the Philippines, achieved an extraordinary feat by earning full-ride scholarships to eight elite U.S. universities, including Harvard, Princeton, and Amherst. Growing up in Compostela Valley, Mindanao, she faced financial challenges but was determined to study abroad. Aryenne’s intelligence and dedication led her to develop “I AM Gina,” an AI-powered app for waste segregation. Her environmental commitment and academic excellence won her these scholarships, covering all costs. She aims to contribute to renewable energy development in her hometown, inspiring others with her story.
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  4. Carl Audric Guia’s Stellar Success
    • “From UP Rural High School to the Ivy League: What’s the Secret Behind Carl Audric Guia’s Success?”
      Carl Audric Guia, a student from the University of the Philippines Rural High School, achieved extraordinary success by securing full scholarships to five Ivy League colleges in the U.S. Inspired by a childhood fascination with space, he aimed to study astronomy. His intensive preparation involved self-taught astrophysics and rigorous testing. His acceptances from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, and the University of Notre Dame were a result of his dedication and hard work. Guia’s journey highlights the potential of Filipino students from local high schools in achieving global academic excellence.
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  5. Maria Ressa’s New Chapter
    • “From newsroom to classroom: Filipino journalist Maria Ressa becomes a professor at Columbia University”
      Maria Ressa, a renowned Filipino journalist and co-founder of Rappler, has been appointed as a professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. She will also serve as a distinguished fellow at the Institute of Global Politics, focusing on projects related to artificial intelligence, democracy, online harassment, algorithmic biases, and human rights. Her courses will explore the intersection of democratic norms, institutions, and new technology. This role is a continuation of Ressa’s commitment to press freedom and combating disinformation, further enhancing her international recognition and contributions to democracy and journalism
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  6. Kian Bayno’s Academic Triumph
    • “From Cebu to California: How Kian Bayno Scored a 19 Million Pesos Scholarship and Plans to Build a Better Philippines”
      Kian Bayno, a student from Cebu City, Philippines, has been awarded a scholarship worth over 19 million pesos to attend Pitzer College in California. He plans to study Economics and Public Policy Analysis. Kian’s journey from Maria Montessori International School in Cebu to Pitzer College highlights his determination and vision to contribute to good governance in the Philippines upon his return. His story is an inspiring example of the Filipino youth’s potential to achieve global academic success and make a positive impact on their homeland.
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  7. Pictorial Pride: Ezra Acayan & Lisa Marie David
    • “Two Filipino photojournalists win 1st Prizes in Pictures of the Year Asia”
      Filipino photojournalists Ezra Acayan and Lisa Marie David won first prizes at the Pictures of the Year Asia (POY Asia) 2023 contest. Acayan’s photo, showing Filipinos protesting election results in Manila, won in the General News category. David’s photo, depicting students attending classes in a flooded school in Pampanga, triumphed in the Nature & Environment category. These wins highlight their exceptional skills in capturing significant moments and stories from the Philippines, earning recognition in a prestigious Asian photography contest.
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  8. Micah Joyce Guillermo’s Journey for a Mission
    • “From Probinsyana to International Scholar: Empowered Filipina Student Micah Joyce Guillermo’s Mission”
      Micah Joyce Guillermo, from Cagayan Valley, Philippines, received a full-ride scholarship to Simmons University in Boston through the prestigious Gilbert and Marcia Kotzen Scholarship. Overcoming humble beginnings in rural Gonzaga, Cagayan Valley, she was accepted into four American universities. At Simmons, she’s double majoring in Political Science and International Relations, with plans to minor in Economics and Public Health. Micah’s goal is to apply her education to help the Philippines, demonstrating how determination and opportunity can lead to extraordinary achievements.
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  9. Hillary Diane Andales’ Astrophysical Aspirations
    • “Filipina PSHS, MIT scholar Hillary Andales gets closer to astrophysicist dream”
      Hillary Diane Andales, a Filipina scholar from the Philippine Science High School Eastern Visayas and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is closer to achieving her dream of becoming an astrophysicist. She received multiple offers for doctorate programs from prestigious U.S. universities, including Yale, Stanford, University of Chicago, Columbia, Northwestern, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, and Boston University. Her journey began with a childhood fascination with the sun and space, leading her to pursue a doctorate in astronomy and astrophysics after majoring in Physics at MIT.
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  10. Sam Morelos: From Casting to Stardom
    • “From Open Casting to Netflix Stardom: Meet Sam Morelos, the Filipino-American Teen Actress Shaking Up Hollywood”
      Sam Morelos, a 17-year-old Filipino-American, gained fame for her role as Nikki in Netflix’s “That ’90s Show.” Her journey from an open casting call to Netflix stardom showcases her talent and the growing Filipino presence in Hollywood. Morelos balances acting with her studies and is excited about her role in the successful series, which has been renewed for a second season. She is also set to debut in Disney’s “Pocketwatch.” Morelos’ success, including a solo concert with the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra, inspires young Filipinas and Filipino Americans.
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These stories are a testament to the Filipino spirit, proving that with hard work, resilience, and passion, anything is achievable. They serve as beacons of hope and inspiration, not just to Filipinos, but to people everywhere.

Which story inspired you the most? Share your thoughts and join the conversation on GoodNewsPilipinas.com!

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