German YouTuber Tobi Krick records beauty of his Philippine experience

PHOTO CREDIT: Tobi Krick Instagram

German national Tobi Krick, a vlogger on YouTube, did not originally intend to come to the Philippines but his videos clearly show he eventually grew to love the country and its people. In fact, even after Krick left the country he continues to create videos about the Philippines and Filipinos.

Krick was supposed to be headed to another Asian destination but changed plans and decided to go to the Philippines. The German YouTuber ended up staying for three years while filming his Philippine experiences while traveling.

Tobi Krick’s YouTube channel shows how the foreign national went around the Philippines, identifying different places to go to when staying in the country. He also filmed his reactions and insights about the places he visited.

The German vlogger recorded the beauty of his Philippine experience and its culture through his videos of the beauty of Samar, reasons to love Davao, fun activities to do in the country, and things you can learn from Filipinos.

Prior to leaving the country in 2018 to go back to Germany, Krick created a video saying what he will miss after leaving. In one of Krick’s most watched YouTube videos, he recalls living in Leyte saying “it was cool living there.”

He says he missed talking to Filipinos because of their attitude, “Just the attitude of them, the friendliness, the openness, the fun, the I could call someone kuya or ate again that was really a good moment,” he said on his video “I Miss the Philippines“.

Foreign social influencers before Tobi Krick have come to the Philippines and recorded their own experiences in the country, like the viral “#FollowMeTo couple Murad and Nataly Osmann, Russian Tikhomirov Family and the five Fighter Boys.

Watch Tobi Krick talk about his love for the Philippines and then show your appreciation in the comment section below!

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