Nas Daily gives back to Philippines with Charity Class donation to flood victims

Nas Daily Charity Class
Viral Facebook vlogger Nas Daily is offering his first-ever Charity Class

Nas Daily is giving back to the Philippines for its warm welcome to the viral Facebook vlogger by offering his first-ever 1-Day Charity Class proceeds for donation to the country’s flood victims.

Nuseir Yassin, the man behind the viral 1-minute Nas Daily video “How Cheap is the Philippines”, announced on November 14, 2020, his opening of a Full 1-Day Charity Class on Nas Academy dedicated to gathering funds for victims of typhoons that recently hit the Philippines.

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“Every single dollar we make from it will go directly to victims of the floods. Everything! So this way it’s a win win. You learn a new skill from Nas Academy, and you directly help people in need. And we teach people!” said the social media expert.

To check out the Charity Class go here

Nas Daily has created videos of his visits to the Philippines, declaring his love for the country and praising the warmth of the people despite facing adversities. He created the Nas Daily Tagalog edition in 2019 to reach out to his Filipino fans. He also featured how the country is fixing the impact of over-tourism.

SEND CHEERS in the comments below to Nas Daily for giving back to the Philippines with his first-ever Charity Class donation to flood victims.

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