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Jollibee Chickenjoy proclaimed Best Fried Chicken in America by Eater

Jollibee’s Chickenjoy has been proclaimed the “Best Fast-Food Chain Fried Chicken in America” by American media outlet Eater, edging out 15 American and international brands in four rounds of competition.

Jollibee welcomed to West Malaysia by hundreds of customers lined up for store opening

Jollibee was welcomed to West Malaysia by hundreds of customers lined up for its first store opening at Sunway Pyramid in Petaling Jaya.

Jollibee debuts in Scotland with stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Homegrown restaurant chain Jollibee famous for its Chickenjoy has announced the opening dates of its much-anticipated first locations in Scotland.

Jollibee Chickenjoy coming to new stores in Florida and Canada

The Jollibee Group is on a mission to capture new fans for its flagship brand Jollibee as it continues to expand the brand across North America.

First Jollibee in Spain opens with thousands queuing

The first Jollibee in Spain has opened with thousands queuing in long lines stretching around the block at Puerta del Sol, Calle Arenal in Madrid.

Jollibee opens to long lines for 1st store in Wales UK

The Philippines’ restaurant brand Jollibee continues to expand globally with the opening of its first-ever store in Wales, the United Kingdom.

Washington Post food critic sings praises for Filipino restaurant chain Jollibee

Homegrown Filipino restaurant chain Jollibee has received a rave review from The Washington Post columnist Tim Carman who joins a long list of international food critics singing praises for the fast-food chain's famous Chickenjoy and Filipino food staples.

Jollibee Chickenjoy ranks 4th Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken in America

The Philippines' Jollibee Chickenjoy has been ranked fourth in the Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken list released by American Magazine Redbook, surpassing other U.S. fast-food giants like Shake Shack, McDonald's, and KFC.

5 Delicious Meals Served on Jollibee’s International Menu

Jollibee, best known for its “crispylicious” Chickenjoy, has created new dishes for global taste and stores. The popular food chain has been serving delicious meals for over 40 years and is acknowledged as an icon...

New Yorkers and netizens excited over the opening of Jollibee Manhattan

Jollibee Manhattan opened its store in New York on a rainy Saturday morning amidst warm welcomes from customers lined up and netizens who eagerly posted reviews and testimonials about the homegrown Filipino restaurant chain.

Jollibee to open in global capitals London and Manhattan, New York

Jollibee is all set to open restaurants in the world’s capitals in London and New York this October 20 and 27 respectively.
Jollibee queue

Chicago raves over Jollibee fried chicken & spaghetti

Chicago residents raved over the taste of Filipino-style fried chicken and spaghetti when the first Jollibee branch in the Midwest opened in August.
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