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Send Vegetable Bouquets this Valentine’s and help Filipino farmers

How about sending vegetable bouquets instead of flowers this Valentine’s Day?

Filipino teachers’ free food pantries feed hungry students

Filipino teachers have set up free food pantries inside schools across the Philippines to feed hungry students.

Community Pantry mover Ana Patricia Non wins Stellar of the Year Award

Community pantry initiator Ana Patricia Non has won the first Stellar of the Year Award given by AirAsia for sparking hope among Filipinos at the time of uncertainty when COVID-19 struck in the Philippines.

10 Ways to Give Back to Filipino Communities In Need this Christmas

Here are 10 ways to give back and spread holiday cheer to Filipino communities in need now that it's time for Christmas.

Community HEALing Pantry

50 days ago, I got so inspired by the Maginhawa Community Pantry spearheaded by Patreng Non, to the point that my family and I put up one in our area in Bucal, Calamba Laguna.

Newest Fighting Maroons help man community pantry in UP Diliman

CJ Cansino, Bismarck Lina, and Malick Diouf, three of the newest faces for the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons, had their first taste of UP life in the Diliman campus this month.

LOOK: Canva creates free design templates for community pantry organizers

Design company Canva is now offering free designs and printing services to Filipinos who are in need of signage for their community pantries.

Cavite community pantry inspires taho vendor to donate

A community pantry in Cavite that offers free groceries and breakfast to passersby has inspired a long-time taho vendor to chip in a donation to feed the hungry in the area.

Laguna agri-advocates set up Community Plant-ry to help feed people

Laguna agriculture advocate group Anahaw Laguna is taking the Maginhawa Community Pantry idea a step further and is setting up a Community Plant-ry to help teach people to eat the plants they themselves grow.

Filipino community pantry movement’s compassion inspires Timor-Leste

The Filipino community pantry movement which has resulted in numerous local initiatives of neighbors helping each other with food supplies during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine has gone beyond the country's borders and is now present in Timor Leste.

SEE: Filipinos set up community pantries to help each other amid pandemic

See how Filipinos voluntarily set up community pantries stocked with food essentials to help each other amid the coronavirus pandemic in the Philippines which has also seen one if not the longest and strictest community quarantines in the world.
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