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Great Tip for Aspiring Pinoy Public Speakers

So, I just finished a talk with about 200 people feeling very blessed. And I started to reflect on advice that I was given when I started my speaking career. So at this stage I’ve...

Why Filipinos are the Irish of Asia

Did you know that the Irish and the Filipino have a lot in common?

What To Do After College in the Philippines

Graduating ka ba this year? This video is for you! It is so easy for graduating students to feel so much pressure! Pressure from themselves, from their parents, and from their friends! This is the life-changing advice for young Filipinos who are about to say goodbye to student life!

Why you should write a book even if you’re not a writer

Ninety percent of people would love to write a book one day but only a fraction of those actually do. I’ve written 3 books, I’m currently writing my fourth one. One of the best decisions...

Why I Am Learning Filipino and Why Your Foreign Friends Need to Do the...

I've been getting a lot of questions on how I learn my Tagalog. Here's how! Besides watching Filipino films, singing Tagalog songs and watching Filipino YouTube videos, I also have a teacher named Adrian! Why...

2 Questions You Will Not Regret Asking: A conversation every Great Leader should have

Your success as a Leader is directly related to the number of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have. Would you agree? If yes, then I have a challenge for you. Below are two questions that...
Mike Grogan

The Genius of the Filipino

The sight of a jeepney is something that shocks every first-time visitor to this country. The Philippines is the only in the world to use this unique form of transportation.
7 Reasons Why the Filipino Will Change the World

Making 2017 the Year of the Filipino

Filipinos are everywhere. In almost every country that I have been to, I have always met a Filipino. I have never been to Antarctica, but I am sure
7 Reasons Why the Filipino Will Change the World

7 Reasons Why the Filipino Will Change the World

Best-selling author and motivational speaker Mike Grogan has just released the book “7 Reasons Why the Filipino Will Change the World”
Mike Grogan and envoys

The Filipino has been lied to

I feel so blessed that my work as a speaker allows me to travel all across Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, where I get to engage with so many amazing

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