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Chinkee Tan

I Don’t Want to be Poor

Do you know of anyone who plans to be poor all of his or her life? “Do you know what my plan is in life? To have a poor life. To be a beggar and live in the streets.”
Armando Bartolome

Is there A Career In Franchising?

A graduating student sent this e-mail from one of the universities in the South. I shall call her Elizabeth.

Focus is a Crucial Key to Success

Are you easily distracted? Are you the type who sets goals but never really meet them? Well, if you are, you are not alone. This is a...

Great Tip for Aspiring Pinoy Public Speakers

So, I just finished a talk with about 200 people feeling very blessed. And I started to reflect on advice that I was given...
Mike Grogan

The Genius of the Filipino

The sight of a jeepney is something that shocks every first-time visitor to this country. The Philippines is the only in the world to use this unique form of transportation.
Chinkee Tan

The Power of Belief

Are you losing heart? Are you losing confidence in yourself? Are you beginning to feel like you are not as good as the rest?
Chinkee Tan

Why Are There People Who Easily Give Up?

Have you ever experienced the following? You don’t want to continue just because you experienced a little inconvenience.
Armando Bartolome

Things to consider before franchising a business

For those who are thinking of franchising a business, here's a guide to get you started.

Chinkee Tan: How to be “The One”

To avoid being trapped in a toxic and unsuccessful romantic relationship, I will share with you some of the important lessons I have learned during my single years as I was waiting for God’s best who is now my beautiful wife.
World Bazaar Festival

How To Rent Your Own Bazaar Space in Metro Manila

Christmas is just around the corner and entrepreneurs know that this is the best time to sell products. For many years, bazaars have been...

Chinkee Tan: How did this wife multiply the income of her husband?

Ever since I have believed that getting wealthy is not about how much income you can take home. The real secret to becoming rich is the wise management of finances. This is what a homemaker named Janet did with her husband’s income. Now, they are living comfortably, even currently preparing for their rich retirement. Let us be inspired by her story.

4 Ways Your Values Affect Your Financial Management

It’s undeniable that financial management can be quite a challenge. Even financial experts still continue to learn techniques, strategies and concepts on how to...
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