3 Simple Steps for Social Media Advertising

The core of any business revolves around the right marketing strategy to gain leverage over competitors. And knowing how much time, effort and money...

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Retirement

After years of building a business, some entrepreneurs forget that there comes a time to step down. Entrepreneurs must accept the fact that we all must slow down and become regular people. But have they prepared for your retirement?
Chinkee Tan

How to Develop Self-Control

Do you have a hard time controlling yourself? Do you find it difficult to control your emotions and the urge to buy something?

Is it Time to Teach Your Kids About Money?

Question: Hi Randell. I’m a mom of two kids—a 3-year-old girl and a 4-month-old baby. I know that they’re still too young to understand...

The Role of the Professional in the Ministry

Many of us have been taught bad math. We’ve learned two formulas in particular which lead to a lack of clarity about what God wants...
Armando Bartolome

How businessmen can tap digital technology

Smartphone technology has made the world more interconnected, providing businessmen opportunities to reach their market.
Chinky Tan

Why Do People Who Get Rich Quick Go Broke Quick?

Do you know of someone who became an instant millionaire, but it wasn’t long before his or her money disappeared, and this person just went back to square one - to being broke and poor again?
Chinky Tan

Play Safe or Take the Risk?

There are a lot of people who want to start a business but don’t actually do it. There are a lot of people who have great plans in life, but up until now, they haven’t acted on them.

8 Affordable Business Ideas

One of the reasons why some people are reluctant to start their own business is the lack of capital. It can be intimidating to...
Chinkee Tan

Living Within Your Means

If the blanket is short, we need to learn how to curl up under it. What do I mean? In all the years that I’ve been teaching financial management, I can say that one of the greatest secrets to financial freedom is to live within your means.

5 Things You Should Buy In Divisoria (And 5 Things You Shouldn’t)

There's nothing like hitting the streets in Divisoria to bag last-minute Christmas deals. There's plenty of deals to be had in the shopping Mecca...
Chinkee Tan

How To Live Life One Day At A Time

Are you going through something difficult? Maybe a loved one is sick. Maybe your business is dying and you are on the verge of being bankrupt.

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