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Kayang Kaya Mo! Apat Na Patok Na Negosyo! Tips from Chinkee Tan

Wag na natin isipin ang sakit na dinala sa atin pandemic at maging excited sa PATOK na dala ng mga possibleng mangyari kapag nasa bahay ka lang..kaya ang tanong --“Nawalan ka ba ng trabaho? No work, no pay ang status mo? Humina ba ang negosyo at napilitan kayo isara!?

Advice to College Graduates

Graduating from college is a milestone in anyone’s life. You and your fellow graduates should be congratulated for reaching such an achievement.
Chinkee Tan

Open Letter to All the Housewives

Are you a housewife or a stay-at-home mom? Are you bored from staying at home the whole day? Has your self-esteem decreased because you are “just” a housewife?

5 Ways to Attain Financial Security

Everyone wants to be financially secure. Having lots of money shouldn’t be the only goal in life, but we also need to be practical. Some...
Chinkee Tan

Consequences of Dishonesty

Have you seen the movie Pinocchio? He was the little boy who was made of wood, whose nose grew longer every time he told a lie.
The Pierced Orange Peel

The Pierced Orange Peel

A year ago we sat down as a part of our team building activity for the VCF Alabang choir, led by my mentor, (who is also like my second dad)

6 Ways How to Spot a Good Franchise Business

Many people always ask what is the best franchise business to invest in. Often the basis would be on the price; something affordable and within the range of one’s pocket. There are also those who base their decision on what their neighbor invested in.

8 Characteristics of People Whose Lives Get Better Despite Covid Crisis

What are the Characteristics of People Whose Lives Get Better Despite Crises of the Covid 19 pandemic?
Chinkee Tan

I’m Okay!

Is this your usual answer whenever someone asks how you are? Even though you don’t feel good, you still say, “I’m okay.”
Chinkee Tan

I Don’t Want to be Poor

Do you know of anyone who plans to be poor all of his or her life? “Do you know what my plan is in life? To have a poor life. To be a beggar and live in the streets.”

Usapang Business on Trademark What to Know Part 1

Usapang Business with Butz Olivares Bartolome of GMB Franchise Developers and Kernan Butalid Motoomull of Techsupport Ph features in its second episode Atty. Ferdinand Negre, an Intellectual Property specialist and partner of Bengzon Negre Untalan Law Firm.

Usapang Business on Trademark with Atty Ferdinand Negre

Usapang Business with Butz Bartolome and Kernan Butalid Motoomull features Atty. Ferdinand Negre, an Intellectual Property specialist, and partner of Bengzon Negre Untalan Law Firm.
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