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Chinkee Tan

Why Is It So Difficult to Earn Money?

As an OFW, you sacrifice a lot just to earn more money. As a businessman, you risk a lot of things just so you can earn more money.
Chinkee Tan

Why Does God Allow Challenges?

There are times in our life when we ask God why we are experiencing suffering and pain. Or at times when the burden is too heavy, we question God’s intentions and plans for our life.
Chinkee Tan

What To Do If You Are Unappreciated At Home Or In Your Workplace?

You know you have done everything you can and exerted all your effort yet your boss doesn’t seem to notice. It even feels like you need to do more.
Chinkee Tan

Don’t Be Self-Centered

Whether we admit it or not, self-centeredness has become a default mode. It is easier to become self-absorbed than selfless.
Chinkee Tan

Is God Your First Option or Last Option?

“GOD, just heal me from this terrible disease, and I will serve you.” “GOD, I have done everything there is to do. You are my last resort. Please help me!"
Chinkee Tan

God Answers All Our Prayers

First and foremost, allow me to greet you a Happy New Year this 2016. Let us start it off with an intriguing statement, “Do you know that God answers all our prayers.”
Chinkee Tan

Rules! Rules! Rules!

Are you annoyed at people who don’t know how to follow simple rules?
Chinkee Tan

Running Out of Hope

Have you experienced any of these? Waking up in the morning to see text messages about your loans. You can already be phone-pals with the credit card collection agent with the frequency of his calls.
Chinkee Tan

It Is Better to Give Rather Than To Receive

In boxing, the motto is most likely "It is better to give rather than to receive." No boxer would want to receive a knock-out punch from any of his opponent.
Chinkee Tan

Never Make a Decision When You’re Emotional

Have you ever made a decision that you now regret making, and perhaps you are now reaping the consequences of it?
Chinkee Tan

Greed versus Contentment

Is it a bad thing to dream of having lots of money? Is it a bad thing to dream of owning a beautiful house or car? Is it a bad thing to dream of eating better choices of food everyday?
Chinkee Tan

How to Overcome Fear of Failure and Rejection?

Are you afraid to fail? Are you afraid of rejection? Do you want to be free of these fears so that you can finally fulfill what you want to do in life?

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