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Can Wesley So Repeat His Norwegian Chess Triumph? His Exciting Return to Carlsen’s Home...

Nearly four years after making history in Norway, Filipino American chess Grandmaster Wesley So is aiming to recreate his remarkable achievement on Norwegian soil this time on the Norway Chess stage. So cemented his legacy...

Wesley So wins Norway Chess blitz, outranks World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen in classical

Filipino American Grandmaster Wesley So has won the Norway Chess Blitz and is maintaining his winning streak as he continues to outrank World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen in the Classical Chess main tournament of the world's best-ranked players.

Wesley So vs Magnus Carlsen headline Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals

The Wesley So versus Magnus Carlsen matchup headlines the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals which starts matches over the weekend to determine the world’s best chess player.

JUST IN: Fil-Am Wesley So battles Magnus Carlsen for Champions Chess Tour Crypto Cup...

Filipino American Grandmaster Wesley So is battling world champion Magnus Carlsen in the FTX Crypto Cup finals match-up between Tour No. 1 (Carlsen) and Tour No. 2 (So) of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour.

JUST IN: Wesley So seals semis seat, steps closer to Crypto Cup title match...

Wesley So has sealed his semifinals seat at the FTX Crypto Cup leg of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, stepping closer to a possible 3rd title match with World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen.

JUST IN: Wesley So joins Magnus Carlsen, 2 others in Champions Chess Tour semis

It's confirmed. Wesley So is joining rival Magnus Carlsen and two other grandmasters in the Champions Chess Tour 4th leg semis with a highly anticipated possibility of a resulting finals rematch between the Filipino American and Norwegian rivals.

JUST IN: Wesley So defeats Magnus Carlsen anew in Champions Chess Tour

Wesley So has just defeated World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen in the Opera Euro Rapid finals for his second Champions Chess Tour title.

Wesley So among World’s Highest-Paid eSports players

Filipino-born chess Grandmaster Wesley So is among the 15 World's Highest-Earning eSports Players of 2020.

BREAKING NEWS: Wesley So upsets Magnus Carlsen in Skilling Open, leads Champions Chess Tour

BREAKING NEWS: Wesley So has won the Skilling Open, delivering a blow to the nearly-always unbeatable world champion Magnus Carlsen and now leads the Champions Chess Tour.

JUST IN: Wesley So ties Skilling Open 1st finals match vs. world’s top GM...

JUST IN: It's a tie for the first day of the finals matches between Filipino-American Grandmaster Wesley So and the current world's top chess player, Magnus Carlsen of Norway, at the Skilling Open.

Wesley So shares world title with Magnus Carlsen at Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz

Filipino-American Grandmaster Wesley So has been declared co-winner with World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen at the Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz chess tournament held Sunday.
Wesley So wins

Cavite’s Wesley So checkmates World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen to rule 1st World Fischer...

Cavite-born Filipino-American Chess Grand Master (GM) Wesley So has beaten champion GM Magnus Carlsen to become the First Champion of the first official World Fischer Random Chess Championship (FR Chess) held in Norway. GM Wesley...
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Can Wesley So Checkmate His Way to an Unprecedented 3rd Grand...

Born in the Philippines, global chess champion Wesley So is now in hot pursuit of the lead in the prestigious 2023 Grand Chess Tour (GCT). As the tour enters the final day of its second event, the Superbet Warsaw Rapid & Blitz, eyes are on this powerhouse player, who has the potential to make history with an unprecedented 3rd GCT title.
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